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The Cult Eye Cream That’s A Shot Of Espresso For The Skin

The eye cream that’s making us head back to this revered French beauty counter … 

Few of us have found our perfect eye cream. So many are either too greasy, or too thick – or, most commonly, just entirely ineffective, lying there in your crow’s feet doing precisely nothing. So when we find one that makes a difference, the impact is – well, eye-opening.  

Lancôme Génifique is one of the best-known face serums around. But did you know there’s an eye version? First launched some ten years ago, Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl for eyes is constantly evolving, and I was really intrigued to try the latest version, Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate. I’ve always liked the applicator, a properly cooling metal tool the shape of a drop of lotion.

It’s a genuinely pleasant ritual to glide it around your eyes, whether you’re at your desk or on the bus (just me?). The serum is designed to soothe the eye area, helping you to look less tired (the main ingredient is a probiotic ferment derived a yeast, and it helps to strengthen the skin’s microbiome and prevent damage).

While nothing topical will banish your bags completely, or render dark circles entirely invisible, this does feel firming and brightening, plus it has the added benefit of fortifying and conditioning your eyelashes, which is novel and most welcome. Plus, the texture is super-light and entirely weightless. The equivalent of an espresso for the eye area – we’re sold, and won’t be changing to a shiny new eye cream any time soon. €65.50, at counters nationwide. 


PS: While you’re at the counter … don’t miss the Maison Lancôme perfumes: they’re a bit of an insider secret, with some of the finest perfumers creating ultra-special fine fragrances, such as the gloriously rich Jasmins Marzipane (my favourite) by the great Dominique Ropion. The etched glass bottles definitely warrant further exploration, even though they tend to get overshadowed by other perfumes on the counter: there are some wondrous roses and a beautiful citrus that sings of a hot summer, Oranges Bigarades. Scent experts, including the great Luca Turin, wax lyrical about these scents. At Brown Thomas.



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