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The Colourful New Beauty Arrival Hitting Town This Week

Everything you need to know about Drunk Elephant, the latest brand to land at the Arnotts beauty hall …

Things are looking bright over at Arnotts. The beauty hall is bursting with colour, and new arrival Drunk Elephant is a big reason for this. Eye-catching packaging – especially their signature neon orange – is just one aspect of this US skincare line; one of its pillars is “ingredient elimination”, excluding six key ingredients throughout, including essential oils, silicones, added fragrance and drying alcohols, with the aim of not irritating sensitive skin and keeping the skin’s mantle happy and balanced.

The entire line is mixable, and cruelty-free, and they encourage you to mix and match, like a smoothie recipe. Though DE has a young, fresh and fruity appeal – many of the products feature elements such as raspberry extract and even cantaloupe (in the Jelly Cleanser) – they’re designed for all ages.

Notably popular are the Sunshine Drops, with cocoa extract, designed to mix with your moisturiser and deliver a touch of sunshine to the skin. They’re so popular though that they’re not in stock now until April, so keep your eyes peeled. For every day use, C-Firma Day Serum (€79, 28ml) is a formula that you mix and shake yourself so that it’s an entirely fresh batch, with 15 per cent ascorbic acid plus 0.5 per cent ferulic acid – the same concentrations as SkinCeuticals’ bestselling CE Ferulic serum, one we swear by (around €150 for 30ml), though with various other ingredients too.

I’ve always liked the design of the neat push-down airtight pots, eg for the Protini Polypeptide Cream, and the handily spacious and jazzy Dopp Kit washbag in white and neon orange. Their travel kits are neat, too.

Head over to Arnotts for a closer look – you can’t miss it! 


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