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The Big Beauty Question: Should I Get A Dyson Airwrap?

The luxe styler has just been upgraded – but is it worth your hard-earned cash? We’ve tried it out and here’s the long and the short of it …

Are you Dyson-ed up? Many of us are converts to their Supersonic drier; I loved it as soon as I tried it – fast, quiet, less heat damage – and know many who swear it, particularly with the nifty Flyaway attachment (€35), a mini gem when it comes to smoothing down hair. And during lockdown, I found the Corrale straightener/waver indispensable; even if you’re generally fairly low-maintenance when it comes to hair, especially now many of us work from home, all those Zooms demanded some kind of effort, and I felt lucky to have one of these to smooth unruly silver hair and add some soft movement, in minimal time.

So with drying and waves plus straightening covered, where does the Dyson’s other hair heat tool, the Airwrap Multi-Styler, come in? It’s a handy plaything for mastering a wide variety of styles, from mermaid waves to smooth partings. And it has just been upgraded – one thing I like about Dyson is that they don’t come up with something and then sit back. Though the Airwrap only launched four years ago, the engineers have continued to finesse and improve it (I’ve been round the state-of-the-art HQ in the UK and it’s seriously impressive; there are many, many engineers spending months and years painstakingly trying out minutely different air heats and flows on infinite different samples of hair).

If you resisted buying an Airwrap before (and be aware it has gone up €100 since 2018), this might be the time, since the new machine is more powerful. It feels hotter, too, even on the lower setting. Dyson ambassador and salon owner Dylan Bradshaw notes: “They’ve really honed in on the airflow and it delivers some 40 per cent more power. Plus the whole thing is more streamlined and minimised.” Which was the Airwrap’s intention originally – women apparently own an average of three styling tools each, and this cuts it down to one.

The new Airwrap 2.0 attachments are an upgrade, too, created using feedback from stylists. There used to be a curling/waving barrels for each side of your head (directing airflow in two different directions), and this was a pain – they got hot and it was fiddly changing them over. Now there’s just one barrel with a nifty button allowing you to change air direction with one flick (far more user-friendly). Bradshaw especially rates the new copper bar (or Smoothing Dryer attachment, to give its official title) because it “throws the airflow down the hair to really smooth it. This will really bring out the shine of your hair.”

If you buy your Dyson at Dylan’s salon, they can show you how to use it properly. I do think it helps to be shown how to get the most out of it. Some key tips: your hair can be damp, but shouldn’t be too wet to start with (ideally around 80 per cent dried) – you can rough-dry it first with the drier attachment. To make your curls or waves last longer, Bradshaw advises using a good prep product rather than loading the finished style with hairspray.

Also note: you can use the new attachments on your existing machine, so if you already own an Airwrap, look out for the “trade-up” kit that will be available soon; plus each attachment can be bought separately. At €549, the full Airwrap is a serious investment, but cost it out in terms of a weekly blowdry and it will pay for itself in less than six months. My sister-in-law has four girls, for example, and finds it useful for all of them, as even with entirely different hair types they can all share it.

It depends how you want your hair to look: I go for smoothing and perhaps soft waves, so find the Corrale (€449.99) does this best and quickest for me (and I love the way it is cord-free). But if you like more of a curl, or want to get that really shiny finish on a smooth ‘do, the Airwrap has endless possibilities.

There is also an official outlet store on for refurbished or limited stock machines at slightly lower prices, as you’re very unlikely to find these on sale, as they’re always in demand. Time to give your hair both barrels …


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