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The Ambient Kitchen Lighting We’re Looking For This Time of Year

Warm lights carefully placed around the room will cosy up a space and make the dark days not seem so daunting ...

The hour went back and we are all feeling it. The night flies in and the day slips away in the blink of an eye, therefore ambient kitchen lighting has come into its own, and we want to make sure we have got it right. We’re moving away from a single source pendant light placed over the kitchen island or dining table, or only small LED lights on the ceiling. Ambient lighting means creating a comfortable space using colour, temperature and light. It is all about layering, with small sources of warm light here and there, incorporated through wall sconces, floorlamps and cupboard lighting (whether that is underneath or inside). Creating these accented zones in your kitchen will bring it together, make it feel cosy and welcoming and will make you feel more centred. Take some inspiration from these kitchens …


Although this Bulthaup kitchen is modern and minimal, it does not feel cold. The designers have warmed up the space by incorporating the under-shelf lights in the centre cupboard. They have designed it so the warm light from the side pantry journeys gently into the kitchen, and the main kitchen pendant light lets off a subtle yellow light from the ceiling. These layered sources of light create the calm, comfortable lighting that we love this time of year.

The side pantry in question… seriously slick, minimal and perfectly practical – designed in true Bulthaup fashion. The space is tastefully lit by the modern wall sconces and the under-shelf lights which highlight the accents of the room. 


Offering storage and a light. The warm glow let out from this servingware display case alone is effective enough to light up the entire kitchen with a warm, elegant light. The carefully placed accented lights throughout the case twinkle through the glassware creating a beautiful spectacle.


This DeVol Jersey kitchen boasts the classic cottagecore aesthetic that is so welcoming at this time of year. The room is lit by vintage brass wall sconces popping out from the wall and accented by the small standing lamp on the countertop. The ambience is vastly elevated by the hanging chain pendant light coming from the ceiling. This is a beautiful curation of light in this kitchen.


This JD kitchen was made in both Germany and in JD kitchens own workshop in Co Meath. It has the best technical features of their German partners with handleless doors, soft oak for tall and wall units and striking steal beams. But the room is made atmospheric – and this minimal design is made feel warm and cosy – through the light placement underneath the cupboard, the fairy lights wrapped around the red steel beams, the three small minimal pendant lights and the modern wall sconce by the stairs. All carefully placed and encompassing the room in a warm hue.


It can be easy to make a galley kitchen’s lighting garish – but this use and placement of lighting makes it perfectly cosy and warm. This kitchen follows the three light rule – ambient, task and accent. The ambient light is the main source with the three hanging pendant lights. The task lights are the ceiling lights which back up the pendant lights and the accent light falls to the wall sconce at the splashback. All together, or lit individually, this kitchen will glow. Especially when reflecting from the vantage point of those fabulous brass swivel stools.


The LED lights that line the underside of the overhead extraction unit are a very clever addition to the satin black lacquer finish in this modern kitchen. They help to bring the space together for a streamlined effect.


This pink Neptune kitchen has always filled us with joy and the lighting just makes it all the more special. The wall sconces let out a small, gorgeous umbrella of warm light. The small standing lamp with the bauble stem accents the countertop corner adding an additional gentle light source for darker mornings and evenings.


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