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Sustainable, Sentimental And Stylish: Lara Wasson Shares Her Wardrobe Secrets

Mother and entrepreneur Lara Wasson takes us inside her wardrobe which is curated, colourful and chic …

Tales From My Wardrobe is a style series that explores the wardrobes of THE GLOSS community, a love letter to the pieces we reach for again and again. From the hard-earned investment purchases that make us smile with each wear to the items that supercede mere “clothing” to carry memories and foster emotional connection.

Having profiled the gorgeous Dublin home of Lara Wasson in GLOSS Interiors we were curious to take a closer look into her wardrobe. 

Lara is a busy mother and entrepreneur; she launched Litt, an easy-to- shop LED light bulb store two years ago. Given the looming energy crisis this was a prescient decision. “Litt allows customers to shop by atmosphere. We have a selection of light bulbs that provide energy-efficient beautiful warm light,” she explains. 

As a result, Lara’s wardrobe has to be multi-tasking, taking her seamlessly from school to studio, and from lighting consultations to social occasions. Her style, like her home, is curated, colourful, chic and sustainable. Here she shares some of her favourite purchases and those on her wish list. 

Main image: Portrait by Ruth Maria Murphy.


An awesome Christopher Kane dress I got for my friend’s wedding last year is my favourite piece right now. It’s made of chainmail and has a fine Chantilly lace trim. The black chainmail looks like sequins from a distance, so it’s the ultimate winter party dress. I can’t wait to wear it this Christmas! Oh, and a diamanté evening bag from Kara, it’s very kitsch and fun.


A hardworking item in my wardrobe is this bead print Dries Van Noten shirt dress. It’s oversized, has large sleeves, a midi length and is really comfortable. I’m trying to buy pieces that can be worn casually or formally to get maximum wear out of them. 


The most sentimental piece I own is an emerald green faux fur jacket, which my husband bought for me on our honeymoon in Venice and I still adore it to this day. I was going to buy the black version, but he convinced me to go with the green, and I’m delighted he did. We are ten years married this year and I expect it will be a piece I hand down to my daughter Gigi.


My most recent big purchase was a pair of Chanel dad sandals and I couldn’t be happier! They are black pony skin with a sheepskin footbed, so I am classing them as a winter staple and will not be taking them off.

White shirts from Massimo Dutti are the best bargains I own. They are beautifully made and always have interesting design details. For meetings with Litt my workwear formula is usually a white shirt, jeans, quirky jewellery and shoes with a blazer. Usually, I will have some bright colour thrown into the mix because it always lifts my mood.


I tend not to hold onto investment pieces, instead, I trade them on. I usually invest in a couple of nice pieces every season such as a coat, shoes and top, but then I always resell them on Vestiaire Collective to buy items for the following season. I find you get the best price if you sell them while you still kind of want them, that way it leaves more in the kitty for the next season! That said, I do have a yellow Weekend by Max Mara coat I bought maybe ten years ago, which was a big investment at the time, and I still wear it to this day.


For me the pieces that pay for themselves in cost-per-wear have to be sunglasses; nothing gets worn as much so they definitely earn their keep. Currently, I am alternating between a chic Celine pair and mirrored, sporty Oakley’s.

The least “fashion” thing I own is gym wear, but needs must! And Birkenstocks, although I think they have now been accepted. When it comes to essentials, I rarely leave the house without my iPhone, AirPods, sunnies and a water bottle.


I love shopping when I am travelling; markets, vintage shops and small boutiques get me very excited. I could literally spend days on my own wandering around looking for something a bit different. This summer in Santanyi, Mallorca I stumbled upon a 150-year-old boot maker and got to design my own pair of boots, selecting leathers, stitching detail, height, heel type etc. Pieces like that are always really special to me because they are unique and remind me of a special time and place.


Currently, I covet a chunky Chanel cardigan in pale blue, navy, cream and gold lurex. In my head, I would style it with baggy jeans, white Nike runners and a silk cami.


I’ve collected costume and fine jewellery over the years. My most hardworking accessory would be chunky gold hoops. I love how they instantly make any outfit more casual.

I have just resurrected a pair of vintage cowboy boots I bought 20 years ago in Portobello market, London. I had just finished my first year at Grafton Academy and had moved to London for the summer with some very dear girlfriends. It was the summer of Sienna [Miller], and everyone was trying to emulate her gorgeous hippie chic look. They remind me of a fun, carefree time and the boots make me smile every time I put them on.

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