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Struggling With Menopause?

While the notion of menopause seems ominous to those at the early stage of the hormonal transition, many women at the other end describe the new phase as freeing, even empowering – once they attain access to information, support and understanding.

Traditionally, such support and information-sharing existed only in hushed conversations with sisters, mothers and female confidantes – if at all – but today, there is general recognition that information as to the complex nature of menopause is useful to all genders and ages. After all, we all have women in our lives who will experience challenging symptoms of menopause, even if we don’t ourselves.

Cleanmarine MenoMin has partnered with the Menopause Success Summit, an online event on Saturday 25 September. Featuring a host of medical and wellness experts and ambassadors, the interactive event will provide attendees with practical takeaway tips and advice on all the pressing issues surrounding the menopause including menopause in the workplace, weight management, sleep, nutrition, brain fog, HRT, perimenopause, holistic therapies, sexual pleasure and much more. Each of the sessions are tailored to proactively empower and support women to experience a positive, healthy and happy menopause journey. (Cleanmarine MenoMin is a supplement which supports women in perimenopause and menopause.)

Sharing personal experience

Lorraine Keane, Cleanmarine MenoMin ambassador, will be taking part. “Knowledge is power when it comes to menopause. I am lucky to have had access to experts on menopause over the past five years, however there is still lots to learn. I will be talking to Catherine O’Keeffe about my menopause journey at the summit, sharing my experience to encourage others to open up about theirs and seek support. The Menopause Success Summit is an invaluable resource for women, with access to so many medical experts in one place in one day. It is an investment in yourself, your family and your work life too.”

Menopause in the workplace

Menopause can impact your work and career too. Menopause coach Catherine O’Keeffe will also share her experience and expertise. “Menopause in the workplace will be one of the issues highlighted at the Menopause Success Summit on September 25. Over the last couple of years I have worked with many progressive Irish and multinational companies to introduce menopause as part of their wellbeing at work programmes. Education, understanding and support at work is essential to ensure women at this stage of life thrive in the workplace. The incorporation of menopause into workplace guidance and polices, and measures like offering practical supports within the working day, are small steps that can make a difference to a woman’s working day.

Menopause, health and wellness

Sleep issues experienced during the menopause can be challenging. Tom Coleman, Health Scientist and Sleep Coach, will explain why, and offer solutions for getting a better night’s rest. “For me there has been nothing more rewarding than witnessing the realisation among women that the disruptions they experience are normal, can be explained – and that they can gain relief from the symptoms of menopause. This type of empowerment is a game changer.”

Cleanmarine MenoMin is rich in Omega-3 with phospholipids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and D3, as well as rosemary extract, soy isoflavones, folate and biotin. With vitamin B6 to help regulate hormonal activity, biotin to help maintain normal mucous membranes, as well as vitamin B2 to reduce tiredness and fatigue and Vitamin D to help maintain healthy normal bones. This synergistic formulation is ideal for women in perimenopause and menopause who want to feel good every day and is available exclusively in pharmacies and health stores across the country.

To find out more about the Menopause Success Summit or to secure your tickets today log onto https://www.menopausesuccesssummit.comFor further details on Cleanmarine MenoMin and your hormone health log onto


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