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4 weeks ago

Seven Simple Ways to Get a Summer Glow

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Skincare expert Rebecca Bennett reveals SEVEN simple ways to get a summer glow …

Rebecca Bennett has been a skin expert at Aveeno® for nearly 30 years and travels globally to hear key opinion leaders and dermatologists. Here are her tips for getting to grips with dry skin this summer:

Don’t forget your body … “Our skin is our largest and our most visible organ. The skin on our face tends to be thinner and more delicate, so it needs care – but not at the expense of our body. If we’ve got dry skin on our face, it’s likely that we’ve got dry skin on our body too, and even a dry scalp; it doesn’t just isolate itself on the face. And the skin really responds to a bit of love and care. It doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, or even very time-consuming, but just a few tweaks in your routine, and using the right products, can really pay dividends for both the look and the health of your skin.”

Rebecca Bennett

Evaluate your skin health …“Become an expert on our own skin. Your skin is unique – so you need to get to know it. It’s rarely a static organ. It’s out there, exposed to the weather, the heat, cold, the products you apply, your clothing. Skin is 30 per cent thinner at birth compared to adult skin, which is why babies’ skin needs extra care. Similarly as we age, our skin gets thinner, we lose collagen and elastin starts to break down. Skin changes with the monthly cycle, and then past menopause can become drier as oestrogen levels drop and sebaceous glands produce less oil. That all predisposes us to have skin that’s getting drier as we get older.” WE RECOMMEND: Aveeno® Daily Moisturising Yogurt Body Cream (€10.59), for normal to dry skin, clinically proven to moisturise for 48 hours and we love its scents: vanilla and oat, or apricot and honey;

Don’t overdo it … “Dermatologists note an increasing number of people coming to them with red and dry or scaly skin, on bodies as well as faces. When asked about their skincare routines, clients are bringing out 30 products – they’re exfoliating with scrubs and acids, and piling on serums and peels. Sometimes skin just can’t take this amount of attention. Layering too many products can lead to sensitivity, redness, soreness and dryness; it can damage your skin in the short term and may also leave it open to sensitivity in the long term.” Aveeno® Skin Relief is designed to moisturise and cleanse very dry, sensitive and irritable skin, from head to toe, starting from your morning shower. WE RECOMMEND: Aveeno® Skin Relief Nourish & Repair Cica Balm (€7.85) helps to repair and protect dry or challenged skin, such as glycerin and a Triple Oat Complex;

Protect the barrier … “It’s so important to maintain a healthy and intact skin barrier, that very topmost layer of the skin that you can see and touch. The skin barrier keeps the moisture in our skin, it keeps it soft and smooth, and it helps too in keeping bacteria and potential allergens out. And if we disrupt it – with inappropriate use of products, for example – it can lead to dryness, because the moisture won’t be held in, and sensitivity because allergens can potentially penetrate.”

Be consistent … “I think the most common mistake in dealing with dry skin is lack of consistency. Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be a commitment. Normal to dry skin is the most common kind of skin, and incorporating an Aveeno® Daily Moisturising cream, lotion or creamy oil into your daily routine can improve the condition of the skin (and it is suitable for sensitive skin too). As skin takes around 28 days to renew itself from the bottom layers to the top, you should give any new product four to six weeks before evaluating its effects. (Take a picture when you start using a new product as a reminder). A moisturiser will give a real feeling of comfort and immediately relieve that dry feeling, but for maximum benefits you need to use your emollients long-term.”

Beware of over exfoliating … “When you exfoliate, you’re encouraging your skin to shed the tired old cells you don’t want hanging around – but when used inappropriately you’re also reducing the potential of the skin barrier which, as we’ve said, can lead to dryness and sensitivity. So, listen to your skin – if a scrub feels drying, don’t use it – try a gentler one instead. ” WE RECOMMEND: If your skin does become irritated – and very dry skin can feel itchy – or you experience flare-ups of very dry skin, Aveeno® Dermexa is clinically proven to soothe and protect very dry itchy skin. Try the Daily Emollient Body Wash (€11.65) to start soothing skin from the shower onwards;

How to get a summer glow … “Summer can be unkind to the skin. Obviously, sun protection is a whole subject in itself – it’s vital. But just being out in the air and exposing it can be drying; if you’re sitting in a park in a breeze, that action of the air on skin can be drying. Swimming is drying so rinse off salt or chlorine straight after. If skin is dry, that topmost layer of cells is a bit “crinkly” – that’s why drier skin feels a bit rough, and it also means that light doesn’t bounce off it evenly. But if your skin is moisturised, the cells are lying flat and have moisture in them, the light bounces off evenly and your skin looks more glowy as a result. And just applying hand or foot cream or body moisturiser after a shower can make such a difference not just to your skin.” WE RECOMMEND: Aveeno® Skin Relief Soothing Lotion with menthol (€6.12) soothes dry, sensitive and irritable skin, and relieves itchy sensations caused by dry skin;

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