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See Inside This Vintage-Filled, Design-Led Home In Madrid

Irish-born writer Susana Ordovás’s home in Madrid reflects her love of colour and for collecting antique treasures…

“I have a profound emotional bond with Ireland, a country that holds a special place in my heart. My father is Spanish, while my mother, originally English, was raised in Ireland, specifically in Killiney, Co Dublin. My parents were living in Madrid when I was born. Opting to be near her mother – my grandmother – and in familiar surroundings, she chose Dublin as the place for my birth. 

“When I was eight, while we were residing in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), my parents acquired a cottage in Knockanarrigan, in the Glen of Imaal, Co Wicklow. From then on, Wicklow became our primary holiday destination. At the age of ten, I was sent to boarding school in Dalkey, attending Castle Park prep school. Both of my mother’s sisters still live in Ireland, and I try to visit as much as possible, although not as frequently as I would like. 

“I live in Mexico City but frequently spend extended periods in Madrid for both work and to visit friends and family, including my father and sister who reside there. My father’s family is originally from Madrid, and I went to school and university there, so when I moved to Mexico after getting married, I also had a desire to establish a base in the Spanish capital.

“My husband and I purchased our apartment in 2015. It’s situated in a turn-of-the-20th-century building in the historic centre of Madrid. It has two bedrooms and is just steps away from Gran Vía, one of the city’s main streets.  

“I actually found our home online while I was in Mexico. I asked my brother and sister, who live in Madrid, to see it on my behalf. When they said they liked it, I hopped on a plane to see it for myself, and immediately fell in love with it. It had everything I was looking for. It was on a quiet, tree-lined street in a very central neighbourhood.

“The apartment is spacious and retained many original elements from parquet flooring to wooden shutters, and tall ceilings. The bathrooms and kitchen had been recently updated, and were brand new, which also appealed to me. 

“I have a passion for interiors [Susana contributes to Cabana and World of Interiors magazines] and love colour. Colours have the power to evoke memories, influence moods and inspire creativity. Exploring the joy of colour throughout my life has been a deeply personal journey. I have surrounded myself with my favourite hues and I have always enjoyed experimenting with new shades and combinations. In both of my homes, I have tried to harness the power of colour to convey messages, and made bold statements. I am especially fond of green and have used it extensively in both homes. It instantly transports me to the verdant meadows of Ireland, a place that reminds me of my mother.

“I also enjoy picking up antiques or flea market finds. I have always treasured the collecting and arranging of pieces that evoke a strong feeling of home. In Madrid my favourite vintage and antiques shops are Casa Josephine, Olofane and Rue Vintage 74.  

“In the hallway to my home, guests are are greeted with a canvas digital print depicting of a gentleman. Resting on a small black sideboard is a cake stand, which serves as a catch-all for keys, both acquired at Madrid’s El Rastro flea market. 

“In the drawing room, a plaster sculpture of a discus thrower on a plinth towers over the room. The shutters have been painted green to contrast with the black walls. In the corner, a 1950s screen upholstered in a green-patterned velvet fabric covers the radiator. Light streams in through tall windows that open onto balconies and the street below. Two portraits by photographer Romina Ressia adorn the wall. In the corner, a red Ikea armchair completes the space. 

“On a vintage school laboratory table (complete with scribbles!) sits a large malachite head, gifted to me by my father, who purchased it in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1970s while they were living there. Leaning against the wall is a melancholic portrait of a young man, covered in a green cloth, acquired at Madrid’s El Rastro flea market. Two 1960s rattan stools from Rue Vintage 74 sit underneath the table. 

“In another corner of the drawing room a large vintage metal sign advertising a Belgian tobacco brand hangs on the wall. I discovered it at El Rastro flea market. The rectangular coffee table, also from El Rastro, sits in the centre. To the left, there’s a 1960s leather chair acquired at Portici, and against the wall stands a low mid-century Danish credenza. 

“On a vintage dining table purchased at La Europea are serving dishes and plates from La Cartuja de Sevilla, as well as a green vase from Ikea. The iron chairs, sourced from the antique shop Tesla, are paired with additional folding ones from Ikea. 

“In the kitchen, the table is from Ikea and the chairs from Habitat. I purchased the ‘Gitano’ or gypsy portrait from El Rastro flea market. The bowl on the table is vintage, from the Spanish porcelain brand La Cartuja de Sevilla.

“This is my children’s room. I wanted it to be tropical and exotic, reminiscent of Mexico. The black and white tropical wallpaper is from Gastón & Daniela and the red side tables are from El Corte Inglés.

“The wallpaper is from the Spanish brand Gaston & Daniela and the mid-century bronze sunburst lamp was purchased at La Recova. The bedlinen is from Zara Home and all of the other finds, from the night stables and lamps were discoveries from El Rastro flea market.

The apartment is located in Chueca, a vibrant neighbourhood in Madrid renowned for its lively atmosphere and diverse cultural scene. Its charming streets are lined with trendy shops, bustling cafes, and lively nightlife, making it a favourite spot for both locals and visitors. It’s also close to iconic landmarks such as Puerta del Sol and world-renowned museums; my favourites are the Museo Sorolla and El Prada. Living here makes me feel like a tourist in my own city.”

Need to Know: Inside Yucatán: Hidden Mérida and Beyond by Susana Ordovás with photography by Guido Taroni (Vendome Press) is out now. Follow Susana on Instagram @susana_ordovas.


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