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See Inside These Fabulously Glossy Tiled Kitchens

A glazed-tiled kitchen backsplash with statement lighting will sparkle and shine this winter and is a major trend for 2024…

In 2024 there will be a shift away from matte finishes on tiles and a move towards gloss. A glazed tile is not just easy to clean – it will also always reflect the light around the room, regardless of the colour making it both practical and pretty. By choosing each individual element, from shape, colour, pattern to grouting, glossy tiles are a great way to personalise your kitchen and they will add drama to any design scheme. Glossy tiles can create a beautiful effect when paired with rustic wood and marble work surfaces, and will add great texture to the kitchen if their surfaces are irregular. Scroll our glossy tile inspiration below…


The neat, white and glossy rectangle tiles covering the entire splashback wall in this Rhatigan and Hick kitchen can only be described as sleek and sophisticated. Cleverly, the grouting in-between the tiles is grey which means it will all be easier to keep and look clean. The floating shelves are a clever design choice to break up the bright, open space and the sconces let out a warm light.


The charming rustic aesthetic in this kitchen showcases a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements. The splashback is adorned with small square tiles in cognac brown and snow white which create a checkerboard pattern, exuding warmth and texture. The glossy finish reflects light beautifully, which enhances the space’s welcoming ambiance.


A decorative mosaic splashback is sure to wow guests and help you in making your kitchen more personal. This kitchen has been elevated into another league with its decorative mosaic tile splashback, with the bold shape and sleek lines of these flattened cube tiles. The mustard, terracotta and blue shades are complimented perfectly by the artwork. How snazzy.


This glimmering, chic farmhouse kitchen is brought to life by the large glossy green tiles laid on the walls, made even more prominent by the terracotta tiles on the floor. With open shelving, brass accents and quirky personal additions this kitchen is full of character and the tiles will certainly sparkle and shine on dark winter nights.


The designers have opted for a more muted look in this country style kitchen with white brick tiles. By keeping the colour palette muted in a kitchen, you can play around with light features, plants and art work to add some life. These tiles compliment the vintage, rustic look of this kitchen.


These light metro-style tiles are placed in a zig-zag pattern which makes a big impact in this kitchen but it does not overpower or shrink it. The richness of the glaze adds intensity to the wall but the small size creates a perfect touch of elegance. The spaced out placed tiles with pops of colour coincide with the colourful cabinetry in this charming, characterful kitchen.


Purples, pinks and soft woods come together to create a gorgeous, earthy kitchen with luxurious details like a brass double sink and stunning larder. The pink brick tiles placed vertically at the splashback are certainly wow-worthy. The brass accents compliment the tiles wonderfully and the curved island, reeded glass and wooden cabinetry add great texture to this modern design. Plus we love pink!


From its head to its toes, this kitchen is gorgeously glossy with the cream vertical brick tiles, expansive oven vent, dark oak floor and patterned rug.


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