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Pro-Ageing Isn’t Just About The Face


Guest beauty expert Leonard Daly has a few reminders of other ways to look your best at every age

Looking after your skin always focuses on the face, but there are other areas that we should be working on, too. Your hands, for example, are one area that forever get neglected. I spoke to Pamela Laird, one of Ireland’s best nail technicians, who has some tips to share. “First, invest in a hand cream that has an SPF, and don’t forget to apply more after you have washed your hands,” says Laird. Our hands are exposed 100 per cent of the time, whether you’re driving your car or outside walking, so having them protected is paramount. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF hand cream.

Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Visibly Renew hand cream has a higher SPF of 20 (€7.99 at www.boots.ie); this takes a bit longer to soak in, but is perfect for when you’re outdoors. Another good mid-range treatment for dry hands that get irritated in the cold weather is the CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream (€16). Laird also recommends that you take care of your nails, as they can visibly age: ridges can form over time and deepen with age, while dehydration will make these ridges appear worse. But with the correct care and products you can minimise the appearance of ageing; Laird’s number one tip is to keep your nails hydrated. Using a cuticle oil isn’t enough – you need to use dedicated nail treatments like Sally Hanson’s Moisture Rehab (€10.99). This gel penetrates the nail and will help plump them out. Follow with the La Base from Chanel (€25), the perfect pinky base coat that will help smooth over the nail for a natural healthy finish. 

I also sat down with Elaine Sullivan from one of Dublin’s premier hair salons, Aviary Lane, and asked about ways to look more youthful with our hair. Her knowledge of hair colour is second to none. “I recommend going lighter with your colour as we age, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be global lightening. As we age our face becomes smaller, and giving a focal point around the face will do wonders for helping your face look wider at your cheekbones, giving a more youthful complexion.” Sullivan also advises using pastel warmer tones instead of traditional golden tones, since golden tones can reflect on your skin with an unflattering yellow.

Aviary Lane, 24 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, 01 611 1101; www.aviarylane.com


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