Online Inspiration for Covid Cooking


Suffering from deja vu with samey mid-week dinners? Follow these chefs on Instagram for some much-needed inspiration …

With many of us spending more time at home these days, cooking and baking has become so much more important in our daily routine that our inspiration is sure to diminish at times. Fortunately, there has never been more help and advice available as many of our top chefs take to social media to guide us through our kitchen conundrums to show us how it’s done.

Clodagh McKenna

Even the most jaded among us could not fail to be bolstered by Clodagh McKenna’s upbeat and infectious (in a positive way) ‘how to’ videos on Instagram. Whether you want to bake a Rhubarb Galette or master the somewhat elusive Carbonara, Clodagh is on hand to guide you through the process. Tuesday is baking day and Clodagh also features ‘Treat Thursdays’ should you be in the need of some sweet relief.

JP McMahon

One of Ireland’s most prodigious chefs, JP McMahon recently celebrated the release of his long awaited cookbook, The Irish Cookbook to vast acclaim and now with some extra time on his hands, JP has invited his Instagram followers into his home to divulge some of his chef’s secrets. Through IGTV, JP’s series demonstrate how to prepare and cook a selection of dishes with the help of his eager assistants, his two daughters. Everything from preparing Turbot and Scallops to Fried Chicken and Cherry Blossom Vinegar is covered along with baking the requisite Brownies and top notch Sourdough. With take away options and online cooking classes in the works from JP’s Galway restaurants Aniar, Tartare and Cava, catch him while you can. Hopefully JP will be too busy for home tutorials in the coming weeks.

Darren Hogarty

If baking and pastry making are your Everest, then learning the basics from the pastry chef at one of Ireland’s most accomplished Michelin star restaurants would be a masterclass in the art. Darren is the pastry chef at Dublin’s Chapter One and his knowledge of pastry is second to none. From Chelsea Buns to Millefeuille, Stan’s step by step recipes will unearth the domestic goddess within you in no time at all.

Richie Wilson, Fire Restaurant & Steakhouse

Dublin’s Fire Restaurant at The Mansion House is quite possibly one of Dublin’s busiest restaurants so it would be an understatement to say that Executive Head Chef (of both Fire and sister restaurant Sole) Richie Wilson knows a thing or two about cooking. His ‘Cooking at Home’ series also feature Richie’s enthusiastic children Ben, Jake and Emily and the foursome are quite adept at perfecting some Fire classics such as Lamb with Chimichurri or French Onion Soup. The Fire Restaurant feed also features some classic cocktail masterclasses to accompany their recipes. 

Gabriele Corcos, The Tuscan Gun

For something a little different but no less entertaining, Brooklyn based Gabriele Corcos is worth seeking out. Gabriele is an Italian cook married to Brooklyn native, actress Debi Mazar (she of Goodfellas fame amongst many, many others) and their home cooking demos are thoroughly endearing. The pair previously had their own cookery show in the US and their on screen connection is evident. With Debi’s assistance, Gabriele demonstrates how to make Italian classics like Pesto Genovese along with Italian American incarnations such as Italian Sausage Ragu from their Brooklyn kitchen. Of course there are Sourdough tutorials too.


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