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Tomato Girl Summer: The TikTok Trend That’s Taking Over Your Tablescape

See what the fuss is about …

There’s a look you may have noticed that’s springing up all over your Instagram feed. Before, we might have called it riviera dressing but it’s less rarified. Perhaps it’s what the TikTokers would call ‘tomato girl summer’ (a viral aesthetic that centres around wholesome holiday activities like buying heirloom tomatoes and eating them in a gorgeous but rustic setting, preferably as the sun sets in a blazing, Instagrammable pink sky).

We think of it more as ‘laid-back beautiful clothes to shrug on and wear on market day’. The Penneys high summer 2023 collection, which launched a few weeks ago, name-checked market day dressing as a key influence in its collection of easy, breezy pieces. Essentially, the trend pays homage to our favourite holiday activity – heading to the local market to scope out the best regional faire – and style. (Is there anything better?) It’s a bucolic look that leans into the rustic – and it’s not just for your clothes, either. The craze leans into interiors, splashing the look across home furnishings and tablescapes, with some influencers hosting themed ‘tomato girl summer’ get-togethers, with chic tableware to match.

How do you get the look? Deirdre McGettrick, home expert and CEO of, says that “natural decor such as hand-painted seashells and linen tablecloths” are key to the Mediterranean look. Bold, citrusy colours are interspersed with earthy shades that remind of the Italian countryside. “Think blues from the sea, green from the vivacious plants that surround you, and the stunning orange, red and yellow hues from the sun to create an authentic version of the tomato girl aesthetic,” she says.

The origin of the aesthetic may be a little OTT, but there’s something nice about the fact that it favours slow living and imperfection. Ceramics are key, but nothing too perfect or matchy. The look is all about those little quirks, such as clashing patterns, and the simple things in life, like some freshly-picked flowers. Shop our take on the trend below.

Main image (left to right): Instagram @shopdoen and Zara Home.

Embroidered white tablecloth, €69.99; 

Splatter side plate, €18;

Giant clam shell, €265; 

Spiral glass in turquoise, Fiorira’ Un Giardino, €13.99; 

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