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Lessons from Lockdown: Dorinda Rose Berry, Energy Healer

Dorinda Berry is a New Zealand-based energy healer and meditation teacher living in the wellbeing space for over 30 years. She works with clients exploring the energies of the four bodies (mind, emotional, physical and spiritual) to help them uncover their mental, physical and spiritual pathway. Berry shares her thoughts on this new way of living with advice to keep us healthy and sane during these uncertain times.

Mother Earth Heals

“When was the last time we were all locked up in our homes?,” Berry asks. Was it during the great World Wars? During past times of disease and war, generations were wiped out and it took decades for the human race to recalibrate. “It won’t take decades to recalibrate now,” she qualifies, “as the Internet speeds up the flow of energy on the planet. Yet Mother Earth has her own heartbeat, rhythm, season and cycles that we have chosen to ignore. We have moved from nature’s rhythms into the fast pace of ‘doingness’, but now comes the awakening and we need to listen and act upon these natural rhythms. 

Just as the animals are moving back into waters and land, we need to move back into our own heart space and reconnect with Mother Earth. “Our lives have been so fast. We need to slow a little for this beautiful new growth to happen. This is a new awakening to a deeper body-mind connection, that will allow us to evolve and change.”

She believes that fear has been driving this pandemic further and faster, but now is the time to reverse this by spreading healing, connection and energy. 

Innate Energy

“When we understand how our innate energy helps us get what we want in life, be what we want in life and control what we want in life, we are living our lives to our highest potential,” she explains. Dealing with her brother’s suicide and the 2001 tsunami in Thailand was a monumental time of change within Berry’s own inner work, as she had to try ever harder to balance herself, while also keeping her five children healthy and grounded. Those practises that helped her then continue to serve her clients now, bringing them to a place of acceptance about what can’t be changed in life, as well as an awareness of a greater being that is ready to be cultivated from inside us all.  

Tips for living your best life during lockdown

Cultivate calm 

Connect with nature everyday and be in the moment with her. Don’t just pass her by – stop and notice the birds singing – as if they are singing just for you. Notice the plants, the worms, and the water/rain with light sparkling off them. Send your energy down deep into the earth, like the roots of the human tree that you are.


Take a deep breath in, allowing your eyes to soften on the earth. Take another breath in, slow and deep. Follow each in and out breath, then close your eyes and feel into what you are focusing on. Let it be within your energetically. Take another ten deep breaths before slowly opening your eyes. Stay with yourself in this moment and notice the shift. 

Activate your inner light

Notice the quiet and allow yourself to feel comfortable in this, as this is when you can best access your inner light. With every breath envisage that you are filling your body with white light. Feel the light filled with love and universal unconditional guidance. See yourself as the lighthouse spreading this healing light throughout your home and touching your loved ones. Spend a few minutes every day with this simple exercise – you might be surprised as to how effective it will be when practised daily.



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