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Happy Birthday to Butlers!

This year sees Butlers Chocolates celebrate 90 years of creating delicious chocolates in Dublin …

Since the company’s foundation by entrepreneur Marion Butler in 1932 in Dublin’s Lad Lane, the team at Butlers have worked passionately to create great tasting chocolates in beautiful packaging. This family-owned company now makes chocolates that are enjoyed by chocolate lovers in more than 30 countries.

At home, Butlers holds a special place in people’s hearts as a purveyor of great coffee and signature hot chocolates through Butlers Chocolate Cafés. Who can resist the free chocolate with every hot beverage? Since the first Butlers Chocolate Café opened on a beautiful corner on Dublin’s Wicklow Street in 1998, locals and tourists alike have enjoyed taking time out over an expertly made specialty coffee accompanied by something sweet and delicious.

There are now 25 Butlers Chocolate Cafés in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Not forgetting Dublin Airport – a visit to Butlers at the airport after clearing security is, for so many, a ritual to be enjoyed when travelling and a place where a long-anticipated holiday begins.

Sustainability is hugely important to the team at Butlers. All Butlers Chocolates are made using chocolate produced from sustainably sourced cocoa and great thought and attention is given at all stages to ethical sourcing of ingredients and packaging.


Recent years have seen the opening of Butlers factory in north Dublin to guided tours and visits: check out @butlersthefactorytour for details of tours and times. This is a great day out for families and a super venue for birthday parties. In fact, from November 18, Santa himself will be stopping by, when he’s free, from time to time until late December!


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