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Gloss-ip: How To Navigate Autumn’s Cultural Landscape

From drama to dance, from opera to art, to writing by the sea – this is our September cultural reset…

Main Image; Irish actor Katie McGrath in new John Wick prequel ‘The Continental.’ Katie, photographed for THE GLOSS, by Kip Carroll, September 2008.

Every September, we ring a few small changes in our wardrobes, adding a sweater, buying a suit or a coat, and stowing summer’s clothes on the top shelf. But what about the contents of our cultural closets? If you are anything like us, your reading, theatre-going and gallery visiting will have dried up over the summer months. If you do one thing this September, take a teenager to the theatre. Irish theatre-going audiences are shrinking and growing older – you only need to look around the auditorium when you next attend a play, and count the grey heads. School trips are often a child or teenager’s first exposure to theatre, and since Covid put paid to those for almost three years, the pipeline of younger theatregoes is not secure. Choose a play from a brilliant line-up at the Dublin Theatre Festival which starts at the end of the month. We are booking tickets for the Nancy Harris romcom, Somewhere Out There You, at the Abbey. This frothy, funny play might hook the TikTok generation faster than a Shakespeare or Sean O’Casey. Rothar, and Hermit, at the Ark, and The Boy Who Talked To Dogs, at Draíocht, promise to be brilliant introductions to theatre for younger children.

When it comes to your wardrobe, repairing clothes is becoming seriously fashionable. President Macron’s administration has given every citizen a small stipend to encourage the practice of repairing clothes rather than chucking them away and LVMH’s Innovation award 2023 has gone to Save Your Wardrobe, an app/tech platform that promotes easy to access aftercare services (refresh, repair etc). And such is the demand for pre-loved clothes, a profound retail shift, vintage and pre-loved sellers who started out on social media, mostly on Instagram, are boldly transitioning to bricks-and-mortar stores where clothes are beautifully displayed in exciting and inspiring spaces. Meanwhile, established retailers are being forced to reassess whether their approach to store design, layout and experience is relying too heavily on science, rather than art. Data-driven decisions are not always the correct ones. Stores are not airports, but many of them seem samey and sterile these days. Where is the charm and the personality, where are the quirks? The original, authentic creative vision of one person, or a committed team, remains the best blueprint for a store that stimulates. There are Irish stores aplenty that do just that. THE GLOSS has joined forces with Paula Flynn of The Shopkeepers again to create a brand new Best Shops Ireland list. Don’t forget to nominate your favourite shop at shops. Keep an eye on the website too for details of upcoming events, Food Editor Trish Deseine’s gorgeous Chez Moi series, in association with Neff, and a new financial advice series from THE GLOSS X Goodbody Investment Club.


BOOKING: Andy Warhol Three Times Out, at the Hugh Lane Gallery from October 6;

SEEING: Irish baritone Brendan Collins, one of the cast of Northern Ireland Opera’s production of Puccini’s Tosca at The Grand Opera House, Belfast from September 9-16;

BOOKING TICKETS: For Clifden Arts Festival, Connemara, from September 13-24. An immersive AI experience “Out of the Ordinary” is part of the brilliant programme;

WRITE BY THE SEA: This boutique literary festival takes place in Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford from September 22-24 with readings, workshops and more;

TAKING IN: Warrior at Smock Alley, part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, September 28-October 15. The play by Karen Egan was inspired by her experience of cancer;

COVETING: Phoebe Philo’s new label. Philophiles are eagerly awaiting the launch this month.

VIEWING: Lots in the Fine Jewellery & Watches auction on Tuesday, September 12 at Adam’s, 26 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. View lots in person and online;

WATCHING: The Super Models, on Apple TV from September 20.

SOLO DINING: Table for one? Solo diners no longer feel the need to hide behind a book or scroll through their Instagram feed … sensible women enjoy the pleasure of eating in peace.

CHOKERS: We’re up to our necks in 1990s chic (again). Dua Lipa and Margot Robbie have rocked chokers on red carpets and at Paris Haute Couture shows, chunky, chain, ribbon and pendant styles prevailed.

NAIL BARS: Have your jaw sculpted at a chin bar instead! This new import from Paris promises to tighten, sharpen and “snatch” your jawline to perfection. FaceStellar in London offers a 55-minute non-invasive Sharpen facial for a sculpted jawline, lifted jowls, defined cheekbones and slim, “snatched” face.


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