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Everything You Need to Know About Geminis


STAR CHILD: May 21-June 20

Symbol: The Twins. Element: Air. Colour: Yellow. Scent: Orange Blossom and Spearmint. Soulmate: Sagittarius. Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Leo
Attributes: Dualistic, Changeable, Mercurial, Loquacious and Verbose.

Gemini in a Glimpse…

Double trouble doesn’t come close to defining this seamless tag team. No one knows where one twin ends and the other begins, and that’s how they win. They’re the wings that gift Gemini her enviable lift, a social butterfly who flits from one perplexed V.I.P. room to the next. And don’t mistake her slink as a chink in the armour. But do bank on her being charming. A winking one-woman think tank.

Gemini’s enigmatic heat signature engulfs the average amateur. An aspect that magnetises myriad admirers. Yet there are celestial forces at work when this sign summons a sort of mutual gravity, instilling in others the reassurance that she’s all ears. Anticipate a fifty-fifty chance the twins are half sincere about hearing what you’re prepared to confide. In a semi-private place, where unspeakable pain and curious pleasures can equally collide.

Gemini Personality Traits

Traveling Light: These two peas in a pod couldn’t be closer if they were Siamese. Yet, the twins tend to bite off more than they can chew. A daring duo so overcommitted, you’d think they’d been drawn and quartered of their own device. Fighting on all fronts, their ferocity comes with compliments from red hot Mercury. A ruling planet named for the Roman god of financial gain and commerce, eloquence, divination and travel. Thus, the twins find their fate reconciled to zipping between nations and notions. The pair of them swinging monogrammed valises packed with all the powerful potions they’re bringing.

Tattletale: If you feel your ears burning, that’s Gemini at it again. But take it as a blessing, because her brand of gossip is more bridle than idle. In fact, the science says this form of social grooming offers evolutionary advantages. And you can count on a well-informed Gemini to put you on the map, so long as you provide her proper ammo. Beware forked tongues are feral, and ignore them at your peril.

Communications Queen: Like a lighthouse, the Gemini woman holds out hope. Her brilliant beam’s winsome way to warn looks a lot like some media darlings do in the making. Her true calling is communication, and she’s a natural born messenger for the masses. A regular digital oracle of Delphi. If you get my drift. Be her channel online or more old school, this lady is locked and loaded with gravitas. Not interested in wasting anyone’s precious time, her instinct is to zero in on the salient. Something she’ll translate into an effortless lingua franca many find spankingly succinct.

Overdrive: A Gemini mind fires on all pistons, mulling over serious issues. World hunger, literacy rates, or Traveler suicide statistics can get in the way. Distract her all day. But no matter how mundane or monotonous the task at hand, this astrological sign has got to go that extra mile toward maintaining her focus to the finish. Now, anatomically speaking, the twins rule another pink yet vital pair, the lungs. This link leaves poor Gemini particularly prone to prolonged karaoke nights and contracting the common cold. Gesundheit!

Gemini Love and Sex

Teaser: Tantalisingly forward, Gemini girls know big game begs a double-barrelled rifle, but won’t pass up an opportunity to trifle, tease an easy target. Truth be told, boys are their toys, and the more romantic advances they make, the better they get at manipulating an innocent bystander’s emotions. Fun as flirting is, the twosome’s tawdry reputation for profusive fickleness could put them in a pickle. Disqualify them as contenders to cut what some have come to see as the ultimate deal. Landing the legendary, maybe even mythological, Mr. Right.

Cold Feet: Forever is a long time when the grass is already looking a little greener on the other side. Coy about commitment, Geminis snort at sorting out a soulmate from the smorgasbord of studs on offer. Then there’s that parade of suiters, when her dance card is already filled out in pencil, rather than ink. What’s a twin to think? Boredom breeds claustrophobia for some, and promiscuity for others. Come now, what of Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Given Gemini’s proclivity for an avid partner with whom to touch on ardor, monogamy just gets that much harder. Lithe monkey minds may meet but to brag a bit, only knuckle-dragging primates buckle under the pressure to propagate.

Gemini Style Profile

Frontrunner: She’s an air sign, so your favourite Gemini already owns that Saville Row seersucker jacket you’ve been eying. More mod than the pedestrian squad, she and her body double have a preternatural ability to spot what the smart money will be sporting every season. From T-shirts shouting about social justice to sequinned skirts, those twins are capable of calibrating several lip-smacking costume changes a day.

More is More: Reliable sources reveal that like it does the lungs, this sign also rules the arms and hand. Thus, Geminis may schedule manicures with a military precision. And rather than a sinful dinner, the twins will slather on costly hand cream. They seem to angle for big designer bangles which basically declare, Back up, Baby. You can’t afford it. Finding yourself bored at the bar, when you clock a couple of cocktail rings on a stranger’s slender fingers, secure an introduction. No doubt you’re dealing with a Gemini off on one of her well documented charm offensives. And you won’t be disappointed, but as fifties diva Betty Davis is famous for saying, Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Celebrated Geminis include thespian Carey Mulligan (pictured above in Promising Young Woman), global tennis goddess Venus Williams and former actresses turned fashion designers, Mary-Kate and Ashley, a sister act known as The Olsen Twins.


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