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Everything You Need to Know About Aquarians

Ilsa Monique Carter navigates the Aquarius Personality & Style Profile …

STAR CHILD: Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Symbol: Water Bearer. Element: Air. Colour: Blue. Scent: Geranium and Patchouli. Soul Mate: Leo. Compatible Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius. Attributes: Genuine, idiosyncratic, gregarious, altruistic, unconventional, outlandish, capricious.

Aquarius at a Glimpse…

No sign shines brighter when it comes to inquisitiveness, nor shuns so much restriction, rigidity or anything remotely old hat. Aquarians are those who dare to wear what no one else will, and they do it while reading a banned book. One they’ll furthermore end up discussing at length with an elegant stranger in an ethnic restaurant on the edge of town, if and when they’ve not already embarked on a vessel headed for a foreign port, the faraway the better.

Aquarians dive in backwards at the eccentric end of the pool. They burst out of its thirsty surface and find themselves wet, wild and too cool for school. Surrounded and sustained by kindred spirits, Aquarius will always be the sign who persists in pursuing the shock of the new.

Aquarian Traits

Introspective: What Water Bearer can ever get enough, when in a room of ten people, and where nine greet you warmly, it’s that one holdout who hesitates about acknowledging your fabulosity which readies you to jump ship. Never mind that the party is happening at your house! Be your charming self, Aquarius and in no time, you’ll have those who matter eating out of your hot little hand.

Eccentric: Without premeditation or malicious intent, Aquarians do demonstrate a tendency to leave lovers peering over the fence at their delightfully diverse inner circle. Any potential mate’s exaggerated sense of self-importance may be soon smashed by Aquarius’ legendary talent for detachment. The challenge for the Water Bearer is to be diplomatic while convincing potential partners it’s nothing personal.

Curious: Water Bearers will be last to shirk alternative situations and lifestyles or anything out of the ordinary. Expect those born under an intellectual air sign like Aquarius to confront the unconventional with that contagious curiosity they’re famed for, and they’ll do this armed by an enthusiasm so exquisite, it simply dazzles.

Unflinching: Liar, liar, your Instagram is on fire, and come on, don’t feign surprise. Aquarians are always popular and like the limelight as much as it likes them. In spite of being one step beyond, and rather than reveling in what wisdom you have to share with the world, Aquarius you do sometimes feel a stranger in a strange land. This holds true for You-Know-Who even in your own hometown.

Aquarian Love & Libido

Libertarian: Well-known for sitting on the fence, an Aquarian’s greatest fear is to be put in a position where they can predict with any precision exactly what will happen next. Why? Because the Water Bearer would rather die than be tied down to a certain someone who doesn’t stimulate them intellectually or worse, overlooks their deep desire for independence and personal space.

Daredevil: Once again, racy Aquarian takes first place when it comes to sidestepping pitfalls that lead to apathy and inertia in a relationship. Vanilla seems fine for ice cream but not so highly coveted once coupled under the bed covers, at least according to this kinkiest of signs in the zodiac.

Aquarian Beauty & Style

Austere: If Aquarian style appears effortless that’s because the Water Bearer won’t be bothered. This bohemian has a way of distilling her daily regime down to what will get the most bang for a buck, be that the latest BB cream, perfect brows or nothing more than a little bit of luck.

Avant Garde: Futuristic and fearless, when Aquarius cares to make a fashion statement, rest assured it will be unforgettable. From her ever changing hair colours and eyelash extensions to that high end accessory holding it all together, an Aquarian ensemble might appear to be some snap decision based on a coin toss. As for those too thick to make heads or tails of what Water Bearers wear, well, that’s their loss. Unsolicited commentary will only land them in an Aquarian’s crosshairs, and please note: due to the rising cost of ammunition, there will be no warning shots.

Celebrated Aquarians include: media empress Oprah Winfrey, television doyenne Ellen DeGeneres, America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston (pictured above) and winner of fifteen Grammys, the multitalented musician Alicia Keys.


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