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Everyone’s Sea Swimming! Are You? Share Your Story For a New Swim Series

Maybe you are an all-year-round sea swimming devotee or perhaps you are just about bracing yourself for your first brave dip over the bank holiday weekend? Whatever your swim habits, we want to hear from you …

In Ireland – at least in Dublin – it’s hard to ignore the subculture of sea swimming that has emerged over the years. A sea swim has become a moment of nature-worship and reflection, almost replacing the devotion of some to early-morning Mass. Spurred on by late-night Whatsapp chats, clubs and groups of all ages now congregate at seaside hubs, swaddled in towels and robes ahead of stingingly chilly dips, no matter the season. When the dip is done, the freshly soaked sea fanatics say farewell to their soggy comrades, padding off to coffee shops and desktops, Birkenstock sandals slapping the pavements.

Did you know that swimming in the sea has been linked to stimulating the parasympathetic system? This part of our bodies is responsible for rest and repair, and can trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin. From anti-ageing, to deep sleep promotion, swimming in the sea has been linked to all kinds of advantages for those brave enough to brace a cold dip.

So let’s get in, ladies. While the more devoted dippers have been at this all year, it’s now time for us fair-weather seafarers to dive in once more – or for beginners to see for real what all the fuss is about. The weather’s warming up and the coming weeks feature days off aplenty. The last one wet is a rotten Easter egg – don’t overthink, just jump right in.

Several sea worshippers – both regular and seasonal – live at The Gloss and keenly share the message of deep sea vitality! As a result, we embrace and endorse sea swimming for its plentiful health benefits and social elements – but now, we want to know what draws others to the waves. Let us know.

Tell us in however many words you like, why you love to swim in the sea, as well as where you love to swim – have you got a favourite spot to dip in and out of? Do you gather with friends for a daily or weekly ritual? Did you pick up the habit during lockdown and have found yourself drawn to the waves ever since? Send in your entries to digital@thegloss.ie with a picture of you or your favourite swim spot – selected entries will be published on thegloss.ie and associated social media channels over the coming weeks. We look forward to hearing your sea swimming stories …

Images via illustrator @Neasa_Tierney whose prints make gorgeous gifts for the sea swimmer in your life. Pictured top is Quick Float, pictured above is Forty Foot. Prints are available to purchase via neasatierney.squarespace.com.


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