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Everyone Is Incorporating A Kitchen Pantry – Should I?

Kitchen pantries are on the rise, making us wonder – do we need one too? Below, listen to the experts and see what benefits a pantry actually brings to a kitchen …

According to kitchen experts and interior designers, kitchen pantries are becoming an essential design element when renovating or redesigning your kitchen space. One scroll through renovation Instagram or TikTok will make you believe that it’s a must-have. But do you really need one?

A kitchen pantry provides extra storage, there is no doubt about that. As soon as you have a small room separated from the kitchen by a half-wall or glass door, trust us you will use it. It is great for housing extra appliances, serveware, food and other items that won’t be used every day.

According to London-based interior designer Leanne Kilroy, who shares daily images of her home on @goodboneslondon, the smallest spaces can make the biggest impact on how the home functions and feels. “Though only 85cm x 140cm, it holds a lot, from the breakfast appliances to the water bottles, from the (hidden) microwave to the (never used) wine decanter, from the cake pans to the cake stand, from the entire collection of mugs to the entire collection of tea. (It even comfortably holds a full-sized adult and her glass of wine.) This pantry allows the rest of the kitchen to remain relatively uncluttered, even during the morning rush with all five of us ripping through the room.”

The food storage element is key. A small dark dry room is a great place to keep produce like cereals, pastas and other dry goods, tinned food and jars, as well as fruit and vegetables, meaning you can use the main kitchen cabinets for glassware, serveware, pots and pans.

Organisation is a huge benefit. It grants you the space to decant your food stuffs into wicker baskets or labelled jars. Imagine you could see and reach everything easily – yes, now we can see why people do it.

Preparation space. A pantry can be an additional space to get some food prepared or it can even be a dedicated space for doing just that. If you need to make something quickly, if you have a big, busy family life, or if you are hosting and want to set things aside – this extra space can be seriously helpful.

Appliances. The countertops in your main kitchen don’t have to be laden with appliances if you have a pantry. Use the countertop space in the pantry room for easily accessible on-counter appliances or even as a charging space. If the pantry is large enough you can even include a second dishwasher (which is a popular move at the moment, particularly for big families) or another appliance like a small wine fridge or a freezer. Let’s see how these kitchen experts and interior designers incorporate pantries …

It is evident from this O’Connors of Drumleck kitchen that the pantry offers a lot more dedicated storage room for the homeowners. The crittall door is an added design feature for the kitchen and it opens up the pantry beautifully to the rest of the room. With a statement light fixture, open shelving and basket storage – this pantry is a real gem. www.oconnorsofdrumleck.ie www.brazilassociates.com

If you have the wall space available to go upwards, as this DeVol kitchen does, you can see what effective storage solutions can be achieved. Tall glazed cupboards ready to be filled with the owners’ wine collection, sliding drawers, tambour doors (very in right now) and a bright funky tile – this is a functional pantry that looks effortlessly stylish. www.devolkitchens.co.uk

The walk-in pantry adds serious flow to this kitchen, which was specifically designed to be a place for socialising and hosting. You can see how this walk-in pantry aids with these functions. The crittall doors ensure it maintains connection with the kitchen, and the natural oak worktops, with tall shelves, wine storage and the solid oak ladder make it look smart and functional. The skylight keeps the whole space bright and airy and the dusty pink cabinet colour is the perfect contrast to the dark shade in the kitchen. www.herringbonekitchens.com

One third of Kube’s customers now specifically request a built-in pantry due to its invaluable contribution to storage space. “Cabinet pantries are really practical for everyday use as they are right in the middle of the kitchen. Interesting finishes such as stone shelving, mirrored backdrops and lighting can all be installed in order to make the pantry more attractive when open and in use. As well as drawers underneath the shelving, it is also a convenient area to locate a small wine fridge.” says Dave Fagan, Director of Kube Interiors. www.kubeinteriors.com

Walk-in pantries offer an excellent solution for homes with the luxury of extra space adjacent to the kitchen. “Adding an extra room can increase the kitchen budget however in many instances the kitchen space can be reduced in order to allow for additional storage in the pantry room. People are entertaining more in their kitchens, so they are requesting pantries in order to provide extra storage and hide items away from their guests’ view. Installing a false wall and locating a hidden pantry behind it is an increasingly popular option and a great solution if you don’t have the luxury of enough space for a separate room off the kitchen,” adds Dave Fagan, Director at Kube Interiors.

This design offers luxury storage solutions that are both functional and stylish. McNally has a range of configurations and its designs encompass storage solutions and interior fixtures which can all be modelled to suit your needs and lifestyle, whether that means a coffee station or additional storage for cookware. www.mcnallyliving.ie

Why not make a statement? Create an artistic pantry, like this luxurious space, where custom-made cabinetry blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of exquisite veined stone. Only in view when the cabinet door is open, this hidden storage space is a seriously stylish design feature in its own right, with the pop of blue and antique decorative objects. www.newcastledesign.ie

The pantry can be a space to experiment with design, why not incorporate a unique wallpaper that you want to try or a bold colour you mightn’t necessarily use in a bigger/busier space? This fire engine red brings a real sense of fun and character to the space, while the internal shelves and wine rack have been painted in a bespoke pink shade, which adds a lovely “pop” to the pantry. www.herringbonekitchens.com

An expert tip when designing a pantry or a hardworking area: use tiles. Timber flooring can get worn down over time and if you are using this space for food preparation, hosting or anything demanding a lot of footfall, it is a good idea to have durable flooring (not to mention it will be easier to clean). www.purlfrost.com

A large coffee machine is a bonus in any home, particularly if you have extra countertop space tucked away in a pantry. With a Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ6 plus s100 Diamond titanium metallic, you have all the options for your favourite coffee types at the simple touch of a button. Gone are the days of using coffee pods or instant coffee – according to interior and appliance experts, people are looking for ground-bean coffee machines for a more authentic taste at home.

There is an autoMilk clean feature on the machine for cleaning the milk slot, and for extra strong coffee you can avail of an aromaDouble shot, with many more functions included that can be accessed directly by touching the sensor controls. This machine makes the simple act of preparing coffee a unique experience. See more about Siemens coffee machines here: www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com. If you would like an appliance demonstration book in an appointment at the Home of Innovation. www.homeofinnovation.ie


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