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Editor’s Letter: Everything in Black and White


A life lived well, and simply, when we are bombarded by choices, presented to us via agile (insidious) and highly targeted mobile technology, is not easy to pull off. When faced with a decision to make, weak-minded magpies among us spot a glint of something new and off we fly in its direction; grass-is-greener, what-if types have our heads turned every time. This needs research! Endless online scrolling! A weighing-up of the pros and cons of where to eat, exercise, holiday, buy clothes, spend our precious time, money and energy. What do you want now, more than anything, in your life? Time? How do you want to live your life? Simply, sanely, kindly?

We know that if each of us simplified our life and reduced the element of choice, across every area, we would be more focused, less stressed, calmer, happier, healthier, greener, nicer, possibly even slimmer. Choice, or consumer choice at least, in fashion, in food, in travel, now feels like less of the privilege it undoubtedly is and more of a bind, an energy and time-sucker, a distraction from the stuff that really matters – on a micro-level, family, friends, staying sane and well, and on a macro-level … well, where do we start – with climate change? That’s an area that would only benefit from us living with less choice. Buying less and better, recycling and re-using the stuff we already have, has been a mantra for years. Let’s live it now.

Seeing everything in black and white could make life so much easier.

Start in the morning: soap, underwear, coffee brand, toothpaste. A particular clothes designer (they suit your figure) or furniture (it suits your house) the artists, the writers, the music you love, the same newspaper (the same magazine, if you feel it delivers what you need to know and like to read.) The restaurant you always enjoy for a family occasion (they know you; you have your favourite table). “The place I felt happiest on holiday, I will go back to.” “These sheets are old, but soft and lovely to sleep in.” “That nice camel coat: I will wear it with knee-high boots this autumn (the best I can afford: I’ll keep them forever.)”

Dullsville? Snore? Or the opposite? Applying a particular lens doesn’t mean narrowing your focus, or not being curious, or interested. It means seeing, liking, choosing and sticking with it. Make being black and white your thing. Do it with style and reap the benefits in time, clarity of purpose and lack of pressure. 

We re-launch our website, thegloss.ie today. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of print  – everything there in black and white. We have translated a sharp focus and a clarity of design into our new website. It’s clear and uncluttered and you won’t encounter any irritating ads (just nice ones). New stories and features will be added every day for your glossy fix between issues, but you don’t have to choose during a busy day which ones you’ll spend your precious time on. We’ve created a feature where you can save anything that catches your eye to your own curated reading list, to read when you have more time.

Living your life in black and white, that’s something you’ll have more of this month …


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