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Anxiety cause skin problems

Are You Anxious About Your Skin? Dr Clodagh Campbell Has Some Advice


Skin concerns aren’t just skin deep. We look at the link between our skin health and our mental health, as highlighted from the Skincensus new research by Boots and No7, with psychologist Dr Clodagh Campbell …

What’s happening on our skin can reflect what’s happening on the inside, whether anxiety, stress or other lifestyle issues. And how we look can have a direct impact on how we feel, and on our sense of wellbeing. To explore this further, we chatted with psychologist Dr Clodagh Campbell (@the.wellness.psychologist). With a doctorate and Master’s in psychology from Trinity, Dr Campbell has worked full-time as a psychologist since 2015, setting up her private practice two years ago, as well as doing media events and running her popular podcast, Outspoken.

Dr Campbell loves working with women, feeling that many of us are experiencing burnout with so many stresses that come with pushing ourselves so hard. We discussed the results, as part of the launch of No7 Derm Solutions, the brand’s first foray into the healthy skin arena. The Skincensus revealed that 34 per cent of those questioned have felt anxious about skincare issues.

“Socially we’ve been led to believe that a lot of our worth is tied up with our physical appearance,” says Dr Campbell. “We’ve been made to feel that we are more worthy the better we look, and that we need to look a certain way. That’s been socially and culturally passed down to us. When we feel we’re not fitting into that mode, we can really berate ourselves and feel we’re not of value. We can feel self-conscious, and see an increase in anxiety or low mood. There can be a significant impact on our wellbeing, and how we feel about ourselves.”

The rise in use of social media has emphasised these issues, agrees Dr Campbell. “We see these picture-perfect snapshots of people’s lives and it’s not the full picture – we don’t even really know what real skin looks like any more. We end up judging and comparing ourselves – we’re our own harshest critic.”

Dr Campbell believes we need to be kinder to ourselves and counter these negative thoughts with kindness. “That way, we can build new neural pathways and internalise the good – to recognise that we don’t need to prove our worth. We are enough, just in ourselves.”

The impact of how our skin looks goes beyond the surface. The research from Boots and No7 shows that almost one in five adults questioned has experienced a skin issue at an important time in their life – whether dry skin, hormonal breakouts or for 16 per cent of those questioned, eczema. Almost six in ten (58 per cent) of those questioned said they felt self-conscious, while 34 per cent felt anxious when they experience skin conditions.

“To be honest I was surprised that this figure wasn’t even higher,” comments Dr Campbell. “No matter what age or stage of life we’re at, things like blemishes and acne, or a skin condition such as rosacea or psoriasis, can make us feel self-conscious. And it’s very hard to separate our sense of self-worth from our physical appearance.

“I was surprised too that three-quarters of women aged 18-50 questioned reported their skin changes through their cycle, and so they have to consider this when choosing skincare.”


With 88 years of skincare expertise, Boots wanted to address the issues that people are most worried about, and to offer dermatologist-approved skincare and targeted solutions. Dr Campbell notes, “It’s hugely positive to see brands like No7 acknowledge the impact skin issues can have while providing appropriate solutions with the launch of No7 Derm Solutions.”

No7 Derm Solutions is a fresh, foolproof skincare range that targets a variety of specific skin concerns, including blemish-prone skin, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. The line-up of nine No7 Derm Solutions products follows more than ten years of research into the healthy skin category, including research with more than 10,000 people, and product testing on over 5,400 consumers in 49 studies. The range includes dermatologist-approved cleansers and moisturisers and a clinically approved serum.*


The first step when you’re struggling with your skin? Getting some good advice. In such a crowded market, it’s easy to feel confused by the sheer range of skincare options available. More than half of those surveyed find shopping for skincare confusing, especially those aged 25-34 (66 per cent).

In the Skincensus, almost half (45 per cent) of adults questioned claim they mostly find information on skincare in their local pharmacy, with almost four in ten (39 per cent) relying on social media to find information. “When you step into the pharmacy, you don’t always know where to start, but I love the way No7 is pulling things back with this collection, and making it simple for the consumer, especially the clearly labelled treatment solutions for psoriasis, rosacea and eczema,” says Dr Campbell. “The No7 Derm Solutions range is affordable and there is so much research behind it, with the claims backed up. At the heart of what No7 are doing here is caring about their customers, to help them feel better and more confident in themselves.”


In Boots stores, the No7 Pro-Derm Scan offers an expert starting point, giving an instant in-depth reading of your skin’s condition, from hydration levels to pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin tone. Begin a 12-week programme with guidance from No7 skincare advisors, and return in four weeks to see the progress.

Head to selected Boots stores to discover the full Derm Solutions range, and see for more information.

*consumer studies


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