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A Taste Of Paris: L’Ami Jean’s Rice Pudding (Almost)

The recipe is long, but the result is truly worth it, says food editor Trish Deseine …

A true ode to indulgence, this dish (inspired by the Parisian restaurant, L’Ami Jean’s famous pudding) is a dessert buffet all by itself, with amazingly creamy rice served with whipped cream and caramelised pecans.

The recipe is long, but the result is truly worth it. If you serve this rice pudding when friends come to dinner, don’t plan on a starter or cheese course!

L’Ami Jean’s Rice Pudding (Almost)
10 mins preparation
2 hrs cooking

200g arborio rice
1 litre whole fresh milk
150 g caster sugar
200 ml ready made, good quality custard
300 ml whipping cream, well chilled
6 tablespoons salted butter caramel sauce  
100 g pecans
125 g caster sugar

Place the rice in a large saucepan with the milk. Bring to the boil and simmer on a very low heat for about 2 hours, (yes, really!) stirring regularly. Add more milk if the rice starts to dry out during cooking, as it should be meltingly soft.

Turn off the heat and add the sugar, then stir until completely dissolved. Let the rice cool, then mix in the custard. Place the mixture in the fridge until completely cool.

Caramelise the pecans in a pan with the sugar and leave to cool. Heat the salted butter caramel in a saucepan a little to soften, then serve it with the rice, the rest of the whipped cream and the caramelised pecans.

Using and electric beater, whip the cream until it is light. Reserve a little for serving and mix the rest through the rice.

Serve the rice in a generous bowl with the cream and pecans.

Photography by Guillaume Czerw.


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