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7 Joyful Sunshine Outfits That We Can’t Wait To Replicate

Summer is back! We’ll be taking a little inspiration from these stylish folk when we get dressed this week …

The weather forecast for this week is fantastic. So, when we can, we’re going big with our outfits. Think: bold prints, vivid colours, OTT accessories. After all, if this is our last shot at an Irish summer, why not embrace it? Here are seven joyful sunshine looks we admire, for a little get dressed inspiration.

Main image: Instagram @mariadelaord.

Statement sunglasses, big hat, XL print: when it comes to heatwave dressing, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound.

A crochet cardigan is a warm weather favourite with a 60s spin. 

Head to toe white linen? Don’t mind if we do.

A classic riviera print and a midi-length, worn with cool ballet flats rather than heels or wedges, is refreshing. Image @henriettarix.

Choose a square neck dress in a fiery print. We love this new drop from Faithfull the Brand

When entertaining friends, always accessorise with a boater hat. 

A pair of lightweight silk trousers will suit for downtime and playtime: pair yours with an asymmetric top for a cocktail look, or wear with a white blouse and sandals for off duty chic.


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