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5 Little Additions To Elevate Eating At Home

Take some inspiration from TRISH DESeiNE as she lists her five favourite little touches for dining at home. They will certainly enhance our tables this season, as the days get darker and the temperature drops and we begin to spend more time indoors …

1. VINTAGE SALT CELLARS. I love to keep them tiny and when entertaining, make sure there are at least one pair per couple of guests at dinner.

2. NAPKINS AND NAPKIN RINGS. It is more sustainable to reuse a cloth napkin several times than throw away paper at every meal, so now is the time to treat yourself to some beautiful antique linen. Lower the temperature on your wash and air dry to save on energy.

3. LOW “SOLIFLORES” Small is beautiful. I find single blooms sitting almost at plate level make you rediscover a flower’s beauty, from a faded rose to a spectacular dahlia, to a little cluster of daisies. It’s also a great way of making a small bouquet go further as it fades, and not clutter the dining table while you’re at it. Use a tealight holder!

4. KNIFE RESTS. Knife rests make a table look so pretty. My obsession is growing fast: I have fish, leaves, chickens, lobsters, greyhounds, crystal bands and silver stands which look like novice show-jumping obstacles. In France, knife rests are not used in formal dining, but for family and informal meals where you don’t change the cutlery between courses.

6. BREAKFAST BY CANDLELIGHT. Before the sun comes up and the heating kicks in properly, I always light a candle. It coaxes that morning light along and somehow softens any harshness to the new day. A twinkling light is company, and beautiful next to those single flowers.

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