3 Tried and Tested Pharmacy Finds Under €10


The three brilliant beauty buys we’re picking up this week on our weekly shop – and why we love them …

1 For hair: Though we’re quite enjoying not putting make-up every morning, our bad hair days are another matter. And with our hairdressers remaining out of reach, it’s no wonder that hair is a bit of an issue. Many of us are reaching for the scissors, with varying degrees of success – if the mullet is deemed fashionable for autumn, we are blaming hacked home cuts as much as Tiger King. So anything accessible that can make our hair look better is deeply welcome at this stage. We’re turning to Pantene’s Hair Biology range. Why we love it: It’s been carefully formulated, like skincare, to suit your hair at different life stages. I’m happy that there is a dedicated range for silver hair; the purple shampoo has jojoba oil to bring some moisture back as grey hair tends to be more dry, and tone down any yellow tones. The Full & Vibrant range, meanwhile, gives thinning or coloured hair a boost, as well as making it smell rather delicious. Starting from €7.99, it’s not too expensive either, and it’s easy to get hold of.

Available from selected Dunnes Stores, Boots and Superdrug, from €7.99.

2 For body: Some of us may not be spending as much time outside as we usually would, and Vitamin D is important in keeping our bones and muscles healthy – plus it also supports the normal function of the immune system. Susan O’Dwyer, Pharmacy Strategy Manager for Boots Ireland, explains: “Our bodies create vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors, but we can also get vitamin D from other sources such as oily fish, red meat and some breakfast cereals. However, as it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone, you may want to consider taking a supplement if you feel you are having less exposure to sunlight, for example if you aren’t spending much time outdoors.” Why we love it: We probably all struggle to eat enough oily fish and egg yolks, and sunny days are patchy; a recent study showed that one in eight older adults in Ireland are deficient in vitamin D. Boots pharmacies have a range of Vitamin D products suitable for all ages.

Available in store and online are Boots high-strength vitamin D 25Ug 180s (€11.25) and Boots Vitamin D 10g 90 (€1.49). At stores nationwide and www.Boots.ie

3 For skin: I’ve used Vichy’s bestselling Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Booster since it launched in 2017. The transparent serum is a hydrating first step in your skincare routine, to give your skin a lasting drink. And while we can work from home and wear a face mask as we do so, it’s a good time to try out the new Minéral 89 Fortifying Instant Recovery Mask, a sheet mask (made of micro-algae fibres) drenched in serum that does a serious hydrating job in ten minutes; use once a week. Why we love it: It’s alcohol- and fragrance-free; you mix the mask and serum freshly when you want to use it, which means you’re getting more actives in the formula than a ton of preservatives; and there’s enough serum in each pack for face, neck and chest. Apply after your Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Booster for lasting hydration – much needed at the moment when skin may be dull, tired or dry. I feel that it would be a great summer mask too, cooling and soothing skin post-sun (should we see any).

€8.50, available online from local pharmacies, including www.MeaghersPharmacy.ie, www.McCabesPharmacy.com and www.CHTralee.com; www.vichy.ie


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