You Need to Know About This Under-The-Radar Skin Restorer


The most glorious rose facial oil has just launched – and it’s Irish. It’s one of the best things we’ve put on our skin all year …

We’ve never needed roses in our lives more – their beauty and scent that’s so redolent of summer. Roses in beauty and perfume is of course not new – but we’re currently seeing some extra-special beauty creations by Irish experts that are bringing a whole new level of excellence and luxury to the idea of rose-centred beauty. We’re very excited by The Burren Perfumery’s super-natural rose eau de parfum (read more here), now set to launch in September. But first, a new rose oil-serum by Bare Chic Skin launches this week, and it’s out of this world.

I’ve written about Bare Chic Skin many times, simply because I think Fiona Carr’s tiny micro-batch beauty business, based in Galway, produces some of the best things you can put on your face. I absolutely love that something this brilliant is homegrown. The collection is very small, and includes bestsellers such as the Blue Flower facial oil (featuring Sacha Inchi and Blue Tansy oils) and the Glistening Body Oil, both of which have won Beauty Shortlist Awards (actual independent and industry expert-judged awards).

This week Carr is launching her new Rose of the World oil serum. We’re delighted to see it finally become available; it was originally planned for a February launch. This is no common or garden rose. “It is composed of plants from the Rosacea family,” notes Carr. “I love that Rose is considered one of the highest vibrational plants and I wanted to capture a touch of this with this particular oil serum. It’s suitable for all skin types but wonderful for very highly sensitive and oily skin.” She has used a CO2 extraction process as “it is considered superior to all other methods of extraction.”

The plant oils used in this formulation include raspberry CO2 extract, plum kernel; rosehip CO2 extract (natural retinol); sweet almond; blackberry; rose otto steam-distilled essential oil and rosemary CO2 extract. All the plant oils are organic and cold-pressed (the raspberry and rosehip are organic, raw and unrefined CO2 extracts). The plant oil is extracted in the total absence of light, heat and air.”

The scent and texture of this oil are out of this world – decadent and rich but light, and you breathe in an almost edible fragrance, which Carr describes as “very slightly rose with more of a plummy almondy scent.” Imagine enfolding your face in velvety rose petals and you’re getting close. If your skin is feeling in any way dry or tight, I highly recommend this – it’s wonderfully nourishing and restorative for menopausal skin too, and post-holiday weathered skin. Do your face a favour and discover this wonderful Irish gem. €105 at


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