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Winter, Your Hair And What You Need To Know…

Cold weather can be challenging for our hair. We asked an expert trichologist how to have our best hair days this winter …

As the seasons change, so do our hair needs. There are many demands on our hair at this time of year, from the weather to different routines. Our hair can be battered by winds, dried out from central heating or fried from taming with heat tools. Having a good hair day can become a challenge.

The first thing to remember? Healthy scalp, healthy hair. That’s the message from Consultant Trichologist Carol Johnson, at Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Ltd, Dublin 2. “Your scalp is the continuation of the mantle of flesh of your face,” says Johnson. And it needs the same level of attention.


“A lot of things can begin to occur as a result of a neglected scalp,” notes Johnson. “Regular shampooing is essential, because the scalp that breathes is a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is clear of flakes and oils, and the residue of the week’s product build-up. When you wash your hair more, you’re detoxing your scalp, getting rid of that everyday build-up and grime. And a healthy cleansed scalp encourages soft shiny tresses of hair; if you neglect it, your hair is going to look limp and dank, and will begin to thin.”

As with skincare, it’s all about the ingredients and quality of what you use. Johnson recommends the Aveeno® Haircare Scalp-Soothing Collection: “The formulations are very suitable for frequent-use shampooing, particularly with the calming oats for scalps. I like the fact that Aveeno® skincare have ranges gentle enough for sensitive skin. For sensitive scalps, soap free is the way to go.

The experts at Aveeno® have 70 years of skincare knowledge behind them – and they understand that a healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy, beautiful hair. Aveeno® Haircare is skin-deep, formulated with both hair and scalp in mind. Sulphate-free and pH-balanced, the formulas respect the hair’s natural pH levels by gently cleansing without stripping its natural oils. And they are clinically proven to relieve and soothe itchy, dry scalps.

The shampoos and conditioners – all under €10 – have been blended with Aveeno®’s colloidal oat, in balance with botanical ingredients, making them a daily pleasure to use. Choose from the six unique formulas to suit your hair type: Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk, Volumising+ Fresh Greens, Colour Protect+ Blackberry & Quinoa, Gentle Moisture+ Rose Water & Chamomile, Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar, and Frizz Calming+ Almond Oil.


Stimulation for the scalp is key, too. “Brushing or combing your hair, gently, thus increasing circulation, is important for a healthy scalp,” says Johnson. “Again, check your tools. Beware if your brush is removing a lot of your hair, or claims to ‘get rid of tangles’. If your hair is thin or fragile, think of a baby – what would you brush their hair with? Certainly not something with hard prongs. You want to shine the outer cuticle of the hair, so look to something softer, more natural. Divide out your hair and break the motion, rather than brushing right down from the scalp – be gentle.”

Dry hair can be a common problem during winter. “If hair is dry overall, work out if something is happening at scalp level; and you certainly need regular shampooing. A tiny bit of oil at the end of the hair shaft is ok.” You should focus on washing the scalp and the roots and then you can let the rinse run down the rest of your hair. Condition from the mid lengths down only. We do need to take care of our scalp and our hair all year, but seasonal changes bring on their own issues. Look to conditioning masks and regular conditioner with good-quality ingredients and protect your hair from the elements.

Ultimately, to win at winter hair is pretty simple. Overcomplicating things, with too many products or relentless heat styling, can be unhelpful, just as with our skin. It’s best to avoid things that have too harsh a cocktail of ingredients, notes Johnson: “The milder the shampoo the better. Often, when your skin is cleansed and hydrated, it looks as well as it’s going to. The same goes for your hair.” Aveeno® haircare, it’s skin deep.

The AVEENO® Haircare range is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, €9.99 each. To find the right AVEENO® product for you, visit


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