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Why Considered Art Pieces Are The New Gallery Wall

The new way to curate art has a personal tone …

When speaking about the joy of good design, designer Matilda Goad noted it’s the personal touches that make a room sing. Unique pieces like “a framed photo of your pet” or a keepsake print from the last place you travelled to, even a poster of your favourite artist’s exhibition are what really stand out in a home.

Thanks to the pandemic, art sales are on the rise. Particularly amongst millennials who, as part of ‘generation rent’, know that art is the one of the best investments you can make in a rented property; largely thanks to how easily it can transfer from home to home. The concept that art is based on personal preference is not new, but perhaps the personalised way in which we’re curating it right now seems novel.

Gone are the identikit gallery walls, traded for a more organic focus. It’s curated, but thanks to the good clutter movement it’s also a bit chintz. Gone is the virtue signalling (thanks, Instagram) of owning a specific ‘it’ print or painting; what takes pride of place now could be something as simple as a pressed flower, or a loved one’s wedding invitation. Throw a vintage ad into the mix and you’ve got a cocktail of curation that feels right for now. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces of the moment below. Use them as a jumping off point to feel out what you like. After all, the decision of what looks best really is yours.

Main image: Instagram @harrietstewart


Flowers print, Carla Llanos, €46; www.shop.collagerie.com.


Aquatic plant print, €90.73; www.luliewallace.com. 


Spirit of Summer Castello print, Lucy Laught, €120; www.glassette.com.  


Nude On Grey With Yellow Wall and Black Shadow, Hester Finch, €708; www.partnershipeditions.com.


White Flower poster, €53; www.finelittleday.com


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