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2 months ago

#WhatMyMotherTaughtMe: Part Two


Irish women share their mother’s wisdom with Rosaleen McMeel…

As the saying goes, life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother. The relationship you have with your mother will define all the days of your life. Irish women share their mother’s wisdom with Rosaleen McMeel in this new series. We’re also asking you, our reader, what life lessons has your mother taught you? 

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HAZEL CHU, Lord Mayor of Dublin

After my parents separated, mum was effectively a single mother raising two kids. There were a lot of teachings on resilience. As a first-generation immigrant in Ireland she learned to be resilient. The first time I got bullied in school over my race she told me I needed a tough skin. ‘Tough skin’ is our family mantra. That translates to food as well because when we make dumplings she always tells me if the skin is too thin your dumpling will fall apart. So be it a dumpling, or life in general, she’s taught me to have tough skin! @lordmayorchu

MAIA DUNPHY, Writer and Broadcaster

I hate anecdotes that begin with ‘since becoming a mother myself,’ but here we are! I see my mum Helen in a new light now, as well as all the things I took for granted. She’s the most level-headed, calm woman. I never, ever remember her even raising her voice (besides to sing slightly out of tune), and rather than reflecting on what she taught me, I just want to be more like her, so my son can look back one day and realise he took me for granted too (which is surely the sign of a blissful childhood). She also warned me not to mix my drinks, advice which took me many years to heed. @maiadunphy

DENISE KENNY BYRNE, Co-founder The Head Plan

Even after raising seven children, maintaining a happy marriage, running a well-managed house and holding down a successful career, my mum is and always has been a master of balance and self-care. One of the most profound pieces of advice she gave me was ‘Don’t start watering a plant when you see it wilting and starting to dry out – you need to water the plant every day!’ This stuck and as a result I practice some form of self-care and wellness daily to ensure I’m bringing the best version of myself to the day ahead because that’s all we’ve got. @denisekennybyrne

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