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What To Wear If You’re Staying In The City For The Bank Holiday Weekend

Whether you’re browsing the shops, dining out with friends, or pottering around town, glean some get-dressed inspiration from the looks below …

Main image: Instagram @wattthebrand.

Spend a slow morning at home before heading for coffee – these soft but structured linen separates are just the right order.

Out to dinner? Go for a nautical look with a brass-button blazer, as seen on Olympia Gayot, creative director at J Crew.

A striking striped skirt and gold ballet pumps make the perfect look for just about any weekend activity – picking up cakes included! 

Day out in the city? Add some zhuzh to a leather jacket and black dress with some summery shell jewellery.

Should the weather heat up (we can dream!) make a frilled blouse and city shorts your go-to.

Alternatively, if it rains layer up a knit with a longish skirt but allow a flash of ankle to keep the look season-appropriate.

Long weekend lunch dates call for effortless bohemian blouses and peasant skirts.

Choose a two-piece: whether it’s a blazer or an on-trend waistcoat on top, it’ll look polished but laidback.

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