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We’ve Found The Secret To Making Your Evenings Run A Lot Smoother


Bring the joy back to your cooking routine with easy breezy meal planning from HelloFresh …

‘Me time’ can be an overused, yet under-implemented phrase. Not so with HelloFresh on your side. Bring the joy back to your cooking routine by replacing the usual harried dinner time prep with a more zen-like meal experience, courtesy of Ireland’s leading recipe box provider, HelloFresh.

As with most things in life, the key is in the name. Fresh. The best part? Everyone around the table will be satiated with the range of vibrant and interesting dishes on offer while also availing of our exclusive offer for readers of THE GLOSS of up to €85 off your first four boxes by visiting hellofresh-ie and inputting the code HELLOAFF85.

This autumn, we are choosing to lean in to the changing of the seasons and embrace all that’s positive about the shift. We will be welcoming a gentler pace, both socially and at home, and unlike many things that claim to make our lives easier, inviting HelloFresh to join your dinner table makes meal planning less of a chore after a busy day. Instead of allowing the often-overwhelming dinner decisions to dominate our evenings, we will be choosing instead to spend those precious moments unwinding, relaxing with a soothing bath, catching up with our nearest and dearest, or simply binging our latest TV addiction, safe in the knowledge that all is in hand.

No za’atar? No problem. Everything one could possibly need is included in each meal box, meaning all you need to do is crank up your favourite music and embrace the rhythmic act of preparing a delicious meal in the comfort of your cosy kitchen. Whether creating memorable family meals, dining a deux, or curling up on the couch solo, remote control firmly in hand, you can be assured of a delicious, wholesome meal that will deliver on both flavour and quality. Of course, mood is a strong motivator when it comes to what we want to eat, so warming dishes such as aubergine saag with lime rice and fresh chilli would be perfect this autumn, perhaps accompanied by a cold beer (with or sans alcohol). Said beer would also pair well with black bean and avocado loaded tortillas should we need an infusion of sunshine into our palette on those darker, gloomier evenings.

There are no losers when choosing HelloFresh. The aromatic, fresh meal options ensure a wide variety of interesting foods that will nourish the body while pleasing even the most pernickety palate. The range of categories available leave nothing to chance with classic, family, quick cook, veggie, calorie smart, flexitarian and last but not least, pescatarian, all being options.

In the words of one very happy client, a busy professional with a demanding job, HelloFresh has made her life so much easier. “I’m not exactly a fan of grocery shopping, so I tend to dodge it by eating out quite often, which isn’t always the healthiest or most budget-friendly choice. That’s why discovering HelloFresh made my life so much easier. Now, when I get home after a long day at work, I have a box filled with top-notch ingredients and delicious recipes waiting for me. I wasn’t the most creative in the kitchen, so it’s great fun cooking HelloFresh meals, they are both sophisticated and easy to prepare, which makes me feel like a chef. It’s great to have friends over and impress them with “my” culinary skills. It feels like eating in a fancy restaurant everyday”. Above all else, in a world that can often be busy and harsh, HelloFresh makes life a little easier. No compromise required.

To avail of this exclusive offer for readers of THE GLOSS of up to €85 off, visit hellofresh-ie and use the code HELLOAFF85.

T&Cs: New customers only. Must be 18 or over. Delivery fees apply after your first box discount. These are dynamic discounts and will apply depending on your box size. Once redeemed you will be signed up to a flexible rolling weekly subscription. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time but no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday the calendar week before your delivery is due to arrive. One voucher per household. Valid for ROI residents only. Cannot cater for dietary requirements. See hellofresh.ie/ terms for full T&Cs.


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