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Tired, Depleted Skin? It Could Be Time To Switch Your Moisturiser


We’re on the Rebound – with NeoStrata’s revolutionary Skin Active Rebound Sculpting Cream, designed to lift, sculpt and contour … 

We’re looking for a new dimension in our daily skincare. When post-winter skin looks tired, dull and in need of a re-set, we want the latest technology and solutions that work. Step forward NeoStrata Rebound Sculpting Cream, the groundbreaking new peptide-powered hydrator that’s much more than an ordinary daily moisturiser. It’s designed to help create a lifted, sculpted and recontoured appearance, with a visible improvement in jawline contour and lift.

The new Rebound Sculpting Cream features breakthrough technology to target ten key signs of ageing, and it’s created by NeoStrata, a tried-and-trusted leader in skincare innovation and scientific research, with know-how that stretches back four decades.


Easy to use, with a light, easy to blend texture, this cream is formulated with the breakthrough MicroDiPeptide229™ technology. NeoStrata’s team of research scientists spent eight years perfecting this unique lifting and firming peptide.

Peptides are proteins renowned for their skin-revitalising properties – and this one is different, because it’s two and a half times smaller than leading topical cosmetic peptides, ensuring optimal delivery to the skin. This micro-sized peptide is scientifically proven to support the skin’s natural building blocks – including elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid – and so help to provide a visibly lifted and sculpted look.

As well as the proprietary blend of micro peptides, the advanced formula of Rebound Sculpting Cream is also enriched with AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) and volumising ingredients. The ten per cent AHA/PHA Blend resurfaces age spots and uneven texture, while an Amino Acid derivative works to plump and firm the skin for a more lifted appearance, visibly filling fine lines and wrinkles. Swiss Alpine Plant Extracts brighten and even skin tone, while Arginine reduces the potential for skin irritation. So you can be sure it’s safe, as well as effective.


NeoStrata is a leading pharmacy skincare brand – but did you know it was founded by doctors, and is dedicated to developing advanced dermatologist-grade formulations that deliver visible results?

NeoStrata were at the forefront of AHA technology: the doctors who founded the brand tapped into their unique skin benefits way back in the early 1970s, and collaborated for 20 years developing AHA products before founding NeoStrata in 1988. And they remain the recognised leader in alpha hydroxy acid formulations.

AHAs are a group of naturally occurring acids (including glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric and citric) that can be formulated to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin. They can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so should be used alongside a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or above in the day time.


Add NeoStrata Rebound Sculpting Cream to your skin routine twice a day, and you can look forward to visible, clinically proven results. In NeoStrata’s tests, after eight weeks, 95 per cent of testers reported overall elasticity had increased; after 16 weeks, the same number reported a more contoured jawline. And some 70 per cent of participants felt that the appearance of their skin looked up to five years younger, with a more youthful appearance.

OUR TIP: Rebound Sculpting Cream joins NeoStrata’s line-up of innovative skincare solutions (we also swear by the Triple Firming Neck Cream, €79.95, a smoothing, firming favourite that makes an excellent accompaniment to the Rebound Sculpting Cream – we all forget about our necks). We also recommend the NeoStrata Correct Lip repair (€24.95), an insider’s staple for helping to keep the lip area smoothed, plumped and firmer.


Join the Rebound revolution and experience visibly sculpted, lifted and brighter skin with this accessible pharmacy moisturiser. Discover NeoStrata’s Rebound Sculpting Cream (€79.95) now at pharmacies nationwide and online at www.neostrata.ie.


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