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3 months ago

Three Virtual Exhibitions to Enjoy at Home This Weekend


Take a metaphorical trip to Paris via the Centre Cultural Irlandais, which has commissioned 40 artists to reflect on the times in which we live. “Addressing the Nations”, which runs until January 28, includes choreographers, writers, musicians, visual artists and filmmakers talking about their values, their anger and frustrations as well as sharing messages of courage, joy, gratitude, desire and aspiration. Participants include actor Adrian Dunbar; Nora Hickey M’Schili, the centre’s Cultural Ambassador; Belfast artists Rita Duffy and Alice McCullough; Fermanagh dancer and choreographer, Dylan Quinn; and Derry Girls actor, Siobhan McSweeney. Each address lasts three minutes and is broadcast from the centre’s home page, via Facebook or YouTube;

Why not take a mini virtual tour of The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre, where its exhibition “Winter Light” seeks to show the joy, hope and beauty in wintertime. “Winter Light” features a range of newly-commissioned artworks from artists Aideen Barry, Cartoon Saloon and Liselott Olofsson, Gabhann Dunne, Martin Gale, Martina Galvin, Orla Kaminska, Fuchsia MacAree and Helen O’Connell. The artists were inspired by all sorts of signs of the season, from animals and their habitats, to the light in the winter sky and the solstice. The result is a collection of artworks in a range of different media, from paintings and sculptures, to animation and interactive pieces, all designed to connect with children;

“Glamour and Governance” is the National Gallery of Ireland’s next exhibition which opens online on January 23. Curated by Adrian le Harivel, it’s a chance to step back in time and view some spectacular clothes worn by extravagant personalities. In the Elizabethan court of the 16th-century, the art of self-promotion was well established as demonstrated in this first complete display of the Gallery’s collection of portraits of politicians, soldiers, royal suitors and adventurers. Portraits include Elizabeth I and her lover Robert Dudley; Sir Walter Ralegh and his wife Lady Ralegh; and the Earl of Ormond. When restrictions lift, the exhibition can be seen in the Hugh Lane Gallery, until May 16;


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