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This Summer’s Flower Harvest Is Transforming Skincare and Scent

Summer is in full bloom – and so is beauty. A harvest of extraordinary flowers, from camellia to orange blossom, is transforming skincare and scent. Sarah Halliwell picks the best luxury beauty bouquets …

There’s a flower at the heart of Chanel. The camellia, famously the favourite of Gabrielle Chanel, plays a starring role – and not just because it’s pretty. Chanel has devoted decades to becoming the expert in the camellia field, quite literally. Since 1998, the company has worked with international camellia expert, Jean Thoby, in Gaujacq, southwest France, to grow, research and innovate with these special flowers. The conservatory garden, home to 2,000 varieties of the flower, has flourished here for decades (the oldest Camellia japonica plant dates back to 1876) thanks to an acid soil and perfect climate, with temperatures similar to China and Japan, where the camellia originates.

The red Camellia japonica is the key active in the N°1 de Chanel beauty line, launched last January. Chanel has found Camellia japonica has exceptional moisturising properties, its petals rich in protocatechuic acid, an active molecule capable of protecting cells’ vitality. The Alba Plena white camellia has key properties for hydration, and has been the principal active ingredient in the Hydra beauty line since 2011. Chanel’s onsite Open Sky Laboratory in Gaujacq means the company can guarantee the sustainability and production of the plants. “Having 2,000 varieties of the flower, and a lab,” says Nikola Fuzzatti, Director of Innovation and Development of Cosmetic Ingredients, who heads the phytoanalysis lab, “enables us to control production from field to end result.” Chanel has become a pioneer in the field of camellias and the project has helped to conserve certain rare species of the plant. This all makes N°1 de Chanel rather special.

Try the Rich Revitalising Cream (€100), a velvety moisturiser (refill, €85). Personally, I adore the Lip & Cheek Balms for a natural looking healthy flush. “Every part of the camellia is valuable,” notes Jean Thoby. There is no waste – even the shells of the seeds are utilised, ground and incorporated into the lids. Sustainable luxury for a new generation of beauty – and plant – lovers. From €51.


While Clarins’ Restorative range is powered by the gorse flower, its luxurious new Precious skincare range is centred on something more exotic – a flower called Queen of the Night, an orchid cactus native to South America. Think of it as the Cinderella of the plant world – its flowers wilt before dawn. Blooming for just one night of the year, it’s rare (and fragrant, with a subtle, magnolialike scent). With the power to reactivate skin’s elasticity, and a luxe formula, this rare floral beauty is one to treasure. From €115.


Neroli, essential oil of orange blossom, is derived from the bitter orange tree, and provides the foundation for many perfumes. This summer sees The Burren Perfumery launch their second all-natural eau de parfum, Néroli, created by Sadie Chowen and Grasse-based perfumer Marianne Nawrocki. It’s a sunny cocktail, with notes of yuzu and vanilla, uplifting and warm. “When something is based on simplicity, every ingredient counts,” notes Chowen. From €130.


Liz Earle’s new Skin Repair Hydrating Night Cream is focused on overnight recovery. It’s powered by another night bloomer, the fragrant 4 O’Clock Flower, which is naturally rich in antioxidants. Wake up to rested skin: intensive hydration is the power of this particular flower. €24, at Boots.


Saent face oil (€73, is a scented nourishing oil that rescues dry skin.

Buly’s Berkane Orange Blossom soap, €30, makes the humble bar special.

Gucci Bloom Intense eau de parfum is a jasmine-centred scent in a fabulous black bottle.

The excellent new eau de parfum collection by West Cork’s La Bougie includes a riff on hibiscus flower, paired with coconut.

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