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The Under-The-Radar Skincare Brands We’re Trying Out This Month

Our pick of the best Nordic standouts you may not have tried yet …

I feel that Finnish skincare line, Lumene, is a little under the radar here. In its native Finland, Lumene is a trusted staple, and no wonder. Reasonably priced, and with beguiling ingredients such as Nordic Birch Sap, Nordic Algae and Arctic Cloudberry – they certainly have a way with words – Lumene promises Scandinavian lightness and brightness. Its fresh formulas and packaging suggest clear complexions and general healthiness. They are appealingly straightforward.

I particularly like the refreshing Nordic Hydra Aqua Serum, awash with hyaluronic acid, to boost moisture in the skin, gently, and day creams such as the Water Gel (currently reduced to €17.92 online; usually €23.90). There are lots of trial/travel sets available as an intro to the brand.

Recently I’ve been trying out the Nordic-C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence (€32.50) which is centred on vitamin C and aims to deliver a reset to tired-looking skin. I love the texture of it. No idea what Valo means, and at first it feels quite scented (though parfum is at the end of the ingredients list, so at the lowest level), but I love its brightening effect on the skin. It makes me want to try out their Brightening Gel Mask, which looks like a more affordable version of the Kiehl’s Calendula one.

There are plenty of other gems in the range too, from the latest range of liquid blush and highlighters, to the mineral Day Fluid SPF30, at under €30. I haven’t tried the make-up, but the Luminous Shine Lip Gloss (vegan formula) looks lovely and is well-priced at €10.50.

Just to note that some of the prices seem higher here compared to the sterling price; eg a travel set is priced €39 but £28.50stg – seems a big jump. Just to be aware.

You can find a selection at Marks & Spencer, or the full range at

For more Scandi skincare stars…

Check out Danish line Nuori – they have a clever concept with The One Face Cream, a simple one-step moisturiser that packs in key ingredients such as niacinamide and bakuchiol along with ceramides and peptides, all in the spirit of paring back and simplifying our skincare habits. €60,

Ole Henriksen’s lip balm, Pout Preserve Peptide Lip Treatment has the most lovely creamy texture. Hate the name – Pout Preserve! – but it works well. €17, at pharmacies nationwide.


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