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The Under €10 Game-Changer to Save Your Hair This Summer

Do you really know how to care for your scalp? And are you shampooing wrong? A trichologist shares her tips … 

We’ve learned a lot about getting our best complexion. But what about our hair? Our scalp is living skin, and we need to care for it in the same way as our face. And healthy hair starts with a cared-for scalp.

The experts at AVEENO® have 70 years of skincare knowledge behind them, so they understand that a healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy, beautiful hair. AVEENO® Haircare is skin-deep, formulated with both hair and scalp in mind. The shampoos and conditioners have been blended with AVEENO®’s colloidal oat, in balance with botanical ingredients. Choose to suit your hair type: Daily Moisture+ Oat Milk, Volumising+ Fresh Greens, Colour Protect+ Blackberry & Quinoa, Gentle Moisture+ Rose Water & Chamomile, Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar, and Frizz Calming+ Almond Oil.

Does your scalp need some TLC? We asked Carol Johnson, Consultant Trichologist at Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic Ltd, Dublin 2:


“When people come in to see me, I tell them ‘healthy scalp, healthy hair’”, says Johnson. “They co-exist. Often people say they’ve always had an issue with their scalp, and they bounce around from product to product. And the scalp can become atopic – if you’ve a sensitive scalp, it never really gets a chance to repair itself if it continues to be itchy and you try yet another product. We’re over-sensitising the scalp.”

“A healthy scalp is clear of flakes, dead skin cells and oils, and the residue of all the product buildup during our busy working weeks. So when you wash your hair more, you’re really detoxing your scalp, getting rid of that everyday buildup and grime. And a healthy cleansed scalp encourages soft shiny tresses of hair. If the scalp is neglected, the hair is going to look limp and dank, and it will begin to thin. It’s vital to engage with your scalp, massage it. Often when people have scalp issues they become afraid to go near it but it’s living tissue: we need to stimulate it and wake it up to promote healthy hair growth.”


“People often say ‘My hair kept falling out, so I stopped washing it as much’ and that’s the worst thing to do. If anything, infrequent shampooing will lead to continued itching, scales and flakes. It’s so important to keep your scalp clean with regular shampooing, particularly at this time of the year – our own sebum can be an allergen. I often see sebum issues when someone starts to use a dandruff shampoo, when that’s not the issue: in fact, their scalp needs to be calmed, it needs less parabens and sulfates, no alcohol, no soap – it needs the things that will restore the natural lipid mantle.”


“Flaking can make you self-conscious, and affect self-esteem: that’s something I hear alot. But honestly, the scalp needs very little (unless you have predisposed auto-immune problems, like psoriasis or eczema). Most of the time, itchy flaky scalps are easily managed with regular shampooing. While they can be caused by the climate, or hormonal changes, a lot of the time it’s down to infrequent shampooing, and people don’t realise that.”

“I’m a lover of oats as an ingredient for sensitive scalps, because they’re more natural. The lovely milky residue that comes from them is very calming and comforting for scalps. And you can bring your scalp back from being highly sensitive to within the normal pH and keep it that way by regular shampooing, eating well with good fats (omega oils) in the diet, and not neglecting your scalp.”


“Handle your hair as if you’re handling a silk blouse – silk is protein and so is your hair so always think of it as a living tissue, and your scalp the same. Would you only wash your face twice a week and expect your skin to be radiant? No, you wouldn’t – and it’s the same for hair.”


“As we come out of a dark winter, we tend to use more blonde, more highlights – so we do need to take care of our scalp and our hair. Look to conditioning masks and regular conditioner with good-quality ingredients that work intensely below the surface of your hair to reconnect the bonds we break through heat-styling and chemical processing. Start summer with a trim, getting rid of split ends which can travel up. And shield hair from the sun, and before swimming; saturate the ends with good conditioner beforehand.”

The six haircare ranges from AVEENO® Scalp-Soothing Haircare Collection are specially formulated to nourish and care for both the scalp, and the individual hair type. It’s clinically proven to relieve and soothe itchy, dry scalps. Gentle enough for daily use and even for sensitive skin, AVEENO® haircare formulas are sulphate free and pH balanced, respecting the scalp and hair’s natural pH levels by gently cleansing hair without stripping it of its natural oils and helping to maintain a healthy moisture balance for the scalp. Hair is left shinier and softer and the scalp is left feeling soothed.

The AVEENO® Haircare range is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, RRP* €9.99 each. To find the right AVEENO® product for you, visit

*RRP is at the sole discretion of the retailer



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