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The Smartest Wine Fridges

The way to a woman’s heart just might be via a wine cooler …

At a kitchen supper recently, Glossy Friends discussed the war, the world, work, family, holidays, kitchen redesigns, additions to their wardrobe. Spotted anything really juicy, girls? asked the hostess, tossing salad, observing how her own spending was now focused on fewer purchases but quality ones. All concurred this was a sensible move before one woman remarked how all she really wanted right now was a wine fridge. Her eyes glazed over as she said it and she twirled her glass of white.

“Gosh, me too! I love my wine nicely chilled, beads of moisture on the glass, and if it’s not cold enough, I add ice as you know – oh, thanks hon!” said one as a bowl of ice was placed in front of her.

“Impossible to get it cold enough with the fridge door opening and closing all day long, especially in summer with all the brutes at home, taking out the sandwich bits ten times a day,” said Mother-of-Three-Boys.

“I don’t like having to choose between the pavlova and the Pinot Grigio when you’re having a few people around. My berries get flattened when I jam everything in.”

All agreed these were First World Problems but the five solution-driven types felt it was worth weighing up a purchase.

They could consider Bosch. Bosch has two brand new wine cooler models, built-in and freestanding, each with two temperature zones that can be separately regulated between 5°C and 20°C with a touch panel.

This means that prosecco, white, rosé or red wine can be stored in the same wine cooler while maintaining the ideal temperature for each.

However, it is not only hot or cold temperatures that affect the taste of the wine, but also light, especially if the wine is stored for long periods. These new wine coolers have a three-layer glass door with UV coating to protect the quality of the wines.

The free-standing model allows to store up to 199 bottles, while the built-in model allows to store up to 44 bottles of the same capacity. The two models are equipped with LED lighting, to make it easier to identify the labels when choosing the bottle. LEDs do not emit heat that could alter the temperature. From now on, wine will always be kept at the perfect temperature, waiting to be consumed during a meal or a special occasion.

The two new Bosch fridges are equipped with smart extendable bottle shelves, made of oak. Not only do they look elegant, they also absorb vibrations and ensure stable bottle storage. In the case of the freestanding model, the top shelf can also be raised to display the finest wines. Noise is also reduced to a minimum: these are two very quiet wine coolers.

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