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The Irish Artist On A Mission To Spread Body Positivity

The Newry native’s mission is to spread body positivity and female empowerment through her vibrant artworks and commissions …

Tell us about your artistic journey and training

My mum was very artistic and always pushed me to be creative. I studied art in school before attending the Belfast School Of Art. It’s recommended to do a foundation degree in art and design so you experience various disciplines, and this is where my love of life drawing began. Once I graduated I worked in graphics, then Covid hit. I had more time at home to practise my craft and really hone my style as a figurative artist and go back to fine art. This time really made me realise my passion and purpose so I decided to leave my secure job to follow my dreams of being an artist.

What is the aim of your artworks?

I want my art to challenge the stigma of the female body, empower women to be their true authentic selves and to teach women that their bodies are so much more than the sexualisation seen in everyday lives. Having recently been awarded funding for my “Intimacy Campaign” by the Arts Council Northern Ireland, I was able to create and showcase my first solo exhibition featuring 30 women from across Ireland.

What’s next?

I am delighted to have gallery representation by Gallery One in Belfast. I have been working with slow fashion designer Aoife McNamara, for whom I have created a number of prints for her boutiques in Adare, Co Limerick and Kildare Village and this is ongoing.

I am looking forward to launching my new collection soon – The Gallery Wall Set – as well as focus on my Winter 2022 Collection, Residence la Renaissance. This gives a female perspective on the iconic paintings of that era, many of which were initially painted for the male gaze. For this collection, I am hoping to work with a live model. I will also be showcasing in Blackrock Market, Dublin on July 30-31.

Where and how do you work?

My studio is just outside of Newry, on the border. My typical day is broken up into two halves. I keep the mornings for all things business, be it social media, meetings, planning, packing and analytics. The afternoon is spent in my studio experimenting, working on commissions and developing collections.

I am trying to be more conscious of the materials I use, making them more environmentally friendly. I currently work with vegan products, which is why I do not use black paint, as it is made with carbonated cow bone. Any black accents are digitally added. My brand Clíodhna by Clíodhna Doherty also works on a made to order services, therefore cutting down on landfill waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Need to Know: Clíodhna by Clíodhna Doherty limited edition prints are available in five sizes and are priced between from £65 to £425. The open edition prints are from £25 to £60 depending on size. Original paintings are available in two options, acrylic painting on organic cotton or linen canvas, from £250;

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