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The Irish Actors To Watch In These Thrilling New Series

Clear your schedules folks, these are the sleek, exciting and thrilling series coming to Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney + this week. Most importantly – starring fantastic Irish actors …

Colin Farrell: Sugar

Coming to Apple TV+ on April 5:  Well, we are just spoiled for choice. Irish acting legend Colin Farrell’s new series is coming to Apple TV on Friday. Colin Farrell stars in Sugar, a mini-series following the story of John Sugar, a private detective who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of a legendary Hollywood producer’s beloved granddaughter in modern-day Los Angeles. The show is bound to be slick and exciting, and we can’t wait to watch Colin Farell in this detective role – it is a new look for him. The star-studded cast also includes Kirby, Amy Ryan, James Cromwell, Anna Gunn and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn. Photograph via Apple TV+.

Andrew Scott: Ripley

Coming to Netflix on April 4: Buckle up, Andrew Scott is coming to Netflix and he doesn’t look like his usually friendly self in this one. On Thursday April 4, Ripley arrives on Netflix and we are blocking out our evenings for this one. Based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 crime novel The Talented Mr Ripley, and following on from the 1999 film (starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law) this stylish story is about to get a new lease of life as Andrew Scott takes on the lead role. Scott plays a grifter named Ripley, who while living in New York (during the 1960s) is hired by a wealthy man to begin a complex life of deceit, fraud and murder. Most of us think we know what happens next, but the Netflix series promises an impressive fresh take on this story. Also starring the great talents of Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn, these eight episodes will have us glued to our seats. Photograph via Netflix.

Liam Cunningham: 3 Body Problem

On Netflix now: Very new release 3 Body Problem, is supposed to be one of Netflix’s biggest releases of the year. Based on the book trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past by Liu Cixin, the series has brought to life the story of how a fateful decision made in 1960s China reverberates in the present, where a group of scientists partner with a detective to confront an existential planetary threat. Very cool, very Sci-Fi, and incredibly produced by the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B Weiss. Also taken from the Game of Thrones world are actors John Bradley and the Irish acting legend Liam Cunningham. Cunningham plays Thomas Wade, a ruthless tyrant who is the head of the Strategic Intelligence Agency, who leads the investigation into the countless suicides in the scientific community at the start of the series. Speaking with his own Dublin accent in the series, you just know he’s going to be epic. Photograph via Netflix.

Louisa Harland: Renegade Nell

On Disney+ now: Watch Derry Girls’ star Louisa Harland (who had us all in stitches as her character Orla McCool) in a new show on Disney+, Renegade Nell. This is certainly a new style of role for Louisa who now boasts a scouse accent, and she does so wonderfully. This first season is set in England in 1705, and it follows the story of Nell Jackson who is framed for murder and so goes on the run with her sisters. She turns her hand to highway robbery to survive. With her superpowered sidekick, a plucky little sprite called Billy Blind, she realises fate has put her on the wrong side of the law for a reason – a reason much bigger than she could have imagined. This show is suitable for the family (12+) so keep tucking into last weekend’s chocolate eggs and enjoy the adventure. Starring Louisa Harland, Frank Dillane, Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, Jake Dunn, Alice Kremelberg. Photograph via Disney +.

The Gentleman

On Netflix now: The Gentleman has been sitting in Ireland’s Top 10 most watched on Netflix since it was released on March 7 and are we surprised? Starring The White Lotus’ Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Joely Richardson and more notable names, this sleek TV series is one that will pull you in immediately. The series follows Aristocratic Eddie (James), who upon the death of a mystery relative, inherits a family estate and discovers that it’s home to an enormous weed empire. Suddenly embroiled in a world of criminality, the show kicks off with lots of style and action. The series shows a new part of the world which Guy Ritchie created in his 2020 film (starring Matthew McConaughey) of the same name, with different characters but the same grit and excitement – and of course some fresh stunts along the way. The Irish link? We have to mention Stuart Carolan, the show’s producer, who was also the creator of Love/Hate. This makes sense as The Gentleman is certainly filling the Love/Hate-shaped hole we had in our hearts. Photograph via Netflix.


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