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Stylish Parisians Swear By These 5 Fashion Brands

Stylish Parisians swear by these brands, as Marie Shortt discovered on a recent visit to the French fashion capital … 

On my last trip to Paris, I checked out several brands that are growing in France, all of those brands are combining style and a more ethical way of producing, each through different means, but this is something that is absolutely at the heart of their processes and brand DNA. These are new brands that want to offer something new that other Parisian brands are not offering, often through colour, quality and a more sustainable way of producing.


Left : Berry Ristolas Shirt €164, Marcus trouser €148, Marlow loafers €199
Centre : Amelia Alpine top €112, Valeria Jacket €338, Marcus trousers €148, Marlow loafers €199
Right : Mariana jacket €308, Fernanda dress €328, Marlow loafers €199

Marie Courroy started with a collection of looks that matched locations, the idea came to her when she was attending fashion trade shows over ten years ago, she could tell where buyers came from just by looking at their clothes. She admits this has changed due to the rise of Instagram and a more heterogeneous look across the board. Now, her collections are more inspired by travel destinations, and this is reflected in the prints and fabrics she carefully chooses.

It’s obvious Marie’s clothes are made for women, the sizing is inclusive and it is all thought out for the modern woman. Think details like pockets that will actually hold your phone, a length that is practical for real life and pieces that are timeless and mix well together. Marie personally tries all the prototypes and it shows. This is a brand made by women for women.

The brand’s heroes are the Marcus trousers, straight but a little wide, so chic and elegant for the busy woman, there are different colours so you will be able to choose the one that best matches your life, with funkier colours for the woman who can afford more flexibility with her sartorial choices.  The Marlow loafers are very comfortable on, I loved them and they felt like they would last well.  If you are in Paris, the store is a joy to visit, not far from Les Halles and Le Louvre. If not, everything is on the website and the staff can help you with sizing issues if you are not sure. I have found it to be true to size and they have inclusive sizing. /  28 bis rue d’Aboukir 75002 Paris 


Left : Ava shirt  €200
Centre : Vanessa dress  €270
Right : Ava shirt €200, Laure trousers €230

Elise Chalmin has crafted a simple wardrobe for a woman who wants to inject some colour in her life by way of beautifully cut designs. Her halter tops are so chic and elegant, to anyone from France they will be reminiscent of the 60’s movies where elegant heroines go on summer holidays to the Cote d’Azur in bright halter tops. Her skirts are universally praised for being ultra flattering. Elise charms through the whimsical prints on her clothes, think about how elegant one of her bright silk shirts will be paired with classic black trousers?  Elise is producing in Europe, after a stint producing in France only, she only uses silk or natural viscose and is adamant natural fabrics are the only option in order to be a sustainable brand.

The price point is very fair given the high quality of the fabrics and the fact that the pieces are made to be timeless and something that can be passed on to future generations. She purposefully creates garments that could be worn by women in their 20s right up to their 70s. The sizing is quite generous, I would order your usual size or even size down in the dresses. The Paris store in picturesque Pigalle is like stepping into a warm pink cloud, the staff is brilliant and so friendly.  / 51 bis rue Condorcet 75009 Paris


Left : Imogen shirt €395, Harlem sweatshirt €190, Gabriel trousers €330, BB Ballet flats €355, Stanley bag €335
Centre : Eren coat €790, Muse dress €450, Stanley bag €335, BB Boots €425
Right : Gil jumpsuit €585, BB Ballet flats €355

Launched by Alix Petit in 2007, the brand came from Alix’s imagination when she felt all the new brands that were becoming increasingly popular in Paris at the time offered the same look. Her core brand DNA is beautiful, whimsical prints on lavish fabrics. Alix has staples she reissues in a different print each season.
With Heimstone, you are sure to purchase a unique piece you won’t find on everybody else. The pieces are absolutely timeless, there is a true elegance to every collection.

The pieces are extremely high quality, the aim of the brand is to produce in as ethical a way as possible. Without calling themselves a sustainable brand, they have paid particular attention to detail. Their pieces are mostly made in Europe, in France and Poland and some items are made in India because of local specific know-how. They are very careful with fabric orders and only order as much as they need in order to avoid waste. Any remnants of fabric or leather are made into smaller pieces like scrunchies or card holders.

They have several key pieces, but their enveloping coat is very special, like a warm enveloping hug. The dresses are the hero piece at Heimstone, Alix Petit launched the brand with the aim that women wear dresses with the same ease as jeans.
I found the sizing to be true to size.
The Heimstone store is really beautiful, even from outside, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly, I would recommend a visit if you are in St Germain des Près. 23 rue du Cherche Midi 75006 Paris


From Future is a French brand which is aiming to bring to the market a more punchy version of the cashmere sweater. They have colours galore and fun slogans, often in neon print on their sweaters.  

The quality of the yarn is very high and they have various thread counts which translate into degrees of warmth from your sweater. A high thread count means a warmer jumper, explaining price differences. From Future prides itself on the higher weight of their jumpers, making them warmer and more durable. Their colours are vibrant and warm, perfect for the cold winter nights and a welcome pop of colour under a neutral coloured coat. Their neutral colours are of a very high quality, think a rich navy or deep camels.  

This season they have launched this more chunky texture which felt very lush. This is a great piece to invest in this winter in order to really benefit from dopamine dressing. Once you have your pop of colour, you will find yourself constantly reaching for it. I have found the jumpers to be true to size.  From Future has a store on Rue de Rennes in St Germain des Prés. 54 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris


Left : Anas shirt €150, Jacques jacket €280, Marais jeans €145
Centre : Elona dress €195
Right : Kim jacket €695, Maxence shirt €135, Marais jeans €145

Jeanne Damas has now reached cult status, she is one of the most famous incarnations of the Parisian girl, or at least that is the view from abroad (and on Instagram!). She has launched Rouje, a fashion brand in which she offers collections of classic items from the Parisian woman’s wardrobe. The price point is quite reasonable and the quality is good. Rouje has its items mostly made in Europe and uses eco-certified fabrics in an increasingly high amount of its products (65% for the current season). The brand also aims to produce as accurately as possible in order to avoid over production.

Rouje does dresses very well, they are cut in a very flattering way and you can see Damas is aiming to dress women in a feminine way. Their shearling jacket is also made very well, and the price is very reasonable for a sheepskin piece, made in Europe. Their tweed jacket was a dream, it was very nice on and seems to be of good quality.
Rouje sizing veers towards small fitting and unfortunately they only offer sizes up to a size 14.  The Rouje store is also located in Le Sentier near Modetrotter, not far from les Halles and Le Louvre. 11 bis, rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris 

Marie offers personal shopping, styling and wardrobe detox services. She also has a Styling workshop coming up which will be live at the Fumbally on the 12th of November. This is a collaboration with Agité Closet where participants will be able to purchase second hand looks and get styling advice while drinking prosecco and enjoying antipasti. For more information, click here.


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