The €28 Japanese Hero Product We Swear By


This concealer is the Spanx of any make-up look …

Even when we’re wearing less make-up than usual, there are some staples we won’t relinquish. A great concealer, for example. And, come December, when we venture out into the world again (we hope), we’ll be delighted to return to more dressy make-up, from coloured eyeliners to mighty matte lipsticks that last beneath our masks. I’ve been trying out some Shiseido make-up recently and wanted to highlight a few things I’m most impressed with …

For skin

I’m always on the lookout for a great concealer, since it’s the Spanx of any make-up look – even if you’re not a big foundation wearer, a good concealer can help by just touching up the odd bit of redness or patchiness. Are you a liquid concealer devotee, or more in favour of a quick-fix stick one? Whatever the format, to be any use at all it has to glide on smoothly, melt into skin seamlessly and stay in place. I’ve been impressed with Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Correcting Gel Stick Concealer (€28). It really does melt on, and stays well too; to ensure extra staying power, just dust a bit of powder over as soon as you apply it. They also do a liquid concealer, but this stick format is the handiest and quickest to use (a perfect on-the-go bit of beauty kit, to have in your bag or pocket). I’m adding this one to my daily kit bag – it’s a great staple. It might be pricier than your usual concealer but, in this case, you get what you pay for.

For face

The Daiya Fude Face Duo Brush baffled me at first. Sure the red synthetic brush head looks generous and eye-catching. But what about the strange gel-tip end? Is it a gimmick? Actually, when I tried it out I found it surprisingly useful – it works like a sponge, but without absorbing any product. Apply your foundation with it and then blend with the brush – the process definitely helps in achieving a seamless finish (without getting foundation all over your fingers). That’ll be the Japanese brush-making know-how behind it. €63.94.

For lips

The word is that lipstick sales are down in favour of skincare to sort our mask acne, and eye make-up to show over our mask. For those of us who are endlessly devoted to lipstick, however, a mere mask will not stop us. Leaving the house without it is unthinkable, even if we haven’t bothered with mascara for months. While we’re avoiding sticky glosses, a matte such as Shiseido’s Modern Matte Powder Lipstick (€30.49) has good staying power without being drying. Brilliant neon-red Flame is the dream, but there’s a bunch of nude shades to suit different skin tones, including Semi Nude, a gorgeous rusty pink-red.

For eyes

For me, Shiseido’s eyeliners are their star turns – the Micro Liner Ink has one of the finest points you can find, while the Kajal Ink Artist, in vivid shades from violet to forest green, is one of the best you can buy if you want a sharp and lasting flash of colour or definition (€25).


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