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The Best Self-Tans To Try This Summer, According To Our Beauty Panel

Sarah Halliwell asked members of our GLOSSiest beauty panel about their favourite self-tans to achieve natural-looking results …

Main featured image: Alberta Ferretti via Jason Lloyd Evans.

Should you decide to warm up your skin for summer, what are the best self-tans for foolproof, natural-looking results? We asked our GLOSSiest beauty panellists to share their trusted favourites …

Several cite Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops (from €23) for the face, noting they suit pale and freckled skin (I love them, too).

A few panellists also rate Tan Luxe Super-Glow Self-Tan serum (€28.45, at, and Self-Tan Drops (from €24) for creating “a light, natural-looking glow”; Grace (age 37) saying: “It complements my freckles and hints at an outdoorsy summer full of sailing and tennis even when I’m glued to the laptop.” Katie (35) adds: “My face is very sensitive and prone to breakouts, and this tan doesn’t trigger these issues at all. It’s easy to use, effective and a natural tone.”

For the body, Clare (44) loves Vita Liberata Body Blur (from €38): “It feels lovely on the skin and washes off with ease.” Also mentioned are Bare by Vogue Mousse in Medium (€21), Amanda Harrington’s Body Mousse in Olive (€42, at and Tan Organics Self-Tan Lotion (€33). Katie says: “My favourite self-tan for body – and I’ve tried them all – is Dripping Gold. I use the dark mousse on my very fair skin and the effect is so natural that I get a shock when it wears off and I remember how pale I actually am!”

Sarah (45) chooses Isle of Paradise Happy Tan Gradual Self Tan (from €15): “It gives a beautiful, glowy, even tan that is just perfect for my pale skin.” Yvonne (67) rates old favourite Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (from €13.50): “It’s great at the start of the summer or whenever some colour and even camouflage is needed.” All at pharmacies nationwide.


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