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The Best Classic TV Shows to Binge Watch on a Rainy Weekend

It’s rainy, it’s miserable and Storm Eunice is making its mark – curl up and switch off with these comforting classics this weekend …

It’s a rank, rainy February weekend – the perfect time for a little nostalgia. In this era of the flashy high-budget mega-series, our expectations for every new production are so high – but history’s best shows stand the test of time with top-tier acting, writing, and character development. We think about some of these shows from time-to-time before just resorting to the latest release, but chances are, all of your old favourites are now streamable!

Stick some of these on this weekend – maybe you need a throwback for the laugh, or maybe it’s time for your kids to meet the Desperate Housewives, or Mr Bean – or even Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous. Trust us, you forget about the budget pretty quick when the writing is this good.

Have a look at this week’s #GlossyWatchList:

Classic TV Shows You Might Have Forgotten About and Can Stream This Weekend

Lost on Amazon Prime

We all remember getting lost in Lost – the farfetched yet gripping ABC drama series from the Noughties. The plot swung wildly from monsters to time-travel to parallel realities, which might have been harder to follow if the cast weren’t all so easy on the eye. Refresh your desert island memories of the hit show on Amazon Prime now.

Desperate Housewives on Amazon Prime

Before any reality show could distort it, the hilarious and cynical depiction of wealthy-wife-lifestyle was excellently portrayed by the likes of Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher. The fast-paced series saw the glamazon moms burn through husbands and money, with the scandal of murders and affairs quickly replaced by natural disasters. An iconic show, with iconic characters. Catch it on Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Saved by the Bell on Hulu

Swooning over Zack Morris was every 90s-baby’s post-school pastime! And it’s back on Hulu for us to enjoy. It will feel a bit like a school reunion – Kelly, Slater, Lisa and Mr Belding, back to greet us in their high-tops and neon ‘fits. The jokes – corny. The hair – crispy. The memories – comfy. God, we’re old…

One Foot in the Grave on Amazon Prime

On the first watch of David Renwick’s iconic British comedy, we thought, jeez, this old guy really needs to stop finding fault with everyone. On the second watch, though, we agree with every outburst… The adventures of curmudgeonly retiree Victor Meldrew remind us of a few things. First of all, that our dads aren’t as stubborn as we think they are. And secondly, that with one more limitation forced upon us, we are all just one crosshair away from being One Foot in The Grave ourselves. It’s Curb Your Enthusiasm for the everyman.

Mr Bean on Amazon Prime

Rowan Atkinson and his sky-high eyebrows can cheer anyone up on a rainy day. For those with young kids who have the pleasure of meeting Mr Bean and his green car for the first time, you are in for a treat.

Absolutely Fabulous on Netflix

Watching Jennifer Saunders collapse arse-first out of a taxi will send me into hysterics no matter what year it is, but giving this a rewatch post-Noughties is a real thought-provoker when it comes to work and fashion… Joanna Lumley as the fabulous but useless Patsy Stone, who gulps champagne on company time dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, now embodies an even more fanciful dream than she did before. Saunders and Lumley fire a double-shot of glamour and stupidity to start this timeless comic vehicle. Catch all seasons now on Netflix.

Pride and Prejudice TV Series on Netflix

The movie is a masterpiece, and Keira Knightley is a treasure… BUT, this is how to really immerse yourself in Jane Austen. The best bits of Pride and Prejudice are hidden in the exceptional, perfect dialogue on the most abstract yet day-to-day topics, and the book has too much of it to be squeezed into one sitting. So, drown yourself in prose with the series, shot in the 80s, and featuring Colin Firth at his fittest.


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