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The Best BYOB Restaurants to Book for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Planning a special occasion or getting together with friends? These BYOB restaurants offer great value and great food …

BYOB. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but a ‘bring your own’ option in a restaurant can be a huge incentive to many. Taking a nice bottle of wine and paying for corkage doesn’t mean compromising on food quality as these restaurants demonstrate and sometimes it’s difficult to justify paying the high mark up on wine that we can often be presented with. You also may not always be able to find your preferred wine on a menu, and for those with specific allergies, or even just tastes that veer off menu, choosing to bring your own can be a godsend. Here are five BYOB restaurants in Dublin to try over the bank holiday weekend or later this summer.


There are so many reasons to love Shouk that the option to bring your own wine can often be overlooked. The food is happy, bright, sunny food that also manages to be excellent. Corkage for a bottle of wine costs €8 per bottle and as Shouk is very popular for groups, this can be very appealing. Not that the wine is acutely expensive but if you have something that calls out to be enjoyed with a Middle Eastern feast, then Shouk is the place to do just that. 

Fallon & Byrne

The wine cellar at Fallon & Byrne may not technically be BYOB as you will be choosing from within the (vast) range that adorn the walls, but what a range it is. A recent overhaul of the space has only added to the cosy atmosphere and the new menu has a lot more options than were previously offered. Of course, three is a dedicated wine menu but with over 200 wines to choose from, taking advantage of the choice feels like the obvious thing to do. There is a lovely selection of pizza, pasta, sharing boards and small plates and corkage costs just €1 from Sun – Tue and €10 Wed – Sat which is still excellent value. 


A stalwart of the Castleknock dining scene for over 20 years, Wongs Chinese restaurant in Castleknock has introduced a BYOB option for guests. It’s not cheap at €15 per bottle but even at that, it can open up a world of opportunities. For celebrations, or group get togethers, the private dining room comes with everything you need for a night to remember, including a karaoke machine, although some nights might be best forgotten. 

M&L Chinese

Just off Dublin’s O’Connell Street, M&L Chinese has an extensive following of people who enjoy authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price and for €6.50 you can bring your own wine to enjoy with some of the best Szechuan food in the country. 

The Little Kitchen

On Dublin’s Leeson Street, The Little Kitchen (sister to The Vintage Kitchen) offers very competitively priced dining for Dublin city centre, and that’s before you even consider taking your own wine. A two-course early dinner will set you back €28, three courses just €33. The menu is rather safe but reports about the food have all been positive and with corkage priced at a fairly reasonable €8 per bottle, you could enjoy a substantial two course meal with a decent bottle of wine between two for less than €40 a head. Incidentally, their in-house wine selection, while limited, also offers good value, the most expensive bottle costing just €31. 


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