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The ABC of CBD

If you’re confused about CBD and want to know about its ability to influence the immune system, alleviate pain, reduce insomnia, anxiety and inflammation, read on…

Living in the west of Ireland, Lisa Lane has long been passionate about health – the mind body-connection in particular. Hardly surprising since her Dublin-born mother spent the 1960s dragging her yoga mat around New York. After close to 20 years in the US, Lane returned to the west of Ireland in 2005.

She was an early CBD adopter; “I wanted to start my own company in Ireland built around the idea of balance.” So with scientific expertise she sourced top quality European hemp oil to create small batch CBD and Well Double L was born. 

Quite timely too, as although cannabis enjoys a long history in medicine, it is only recently that the wider world has woken up to its benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two main constituents of the cannabis plant. Both have healing properties, but THC is the ingredient associated with the psychoactive effects (the “high” of recreational cannabis) and can be addictive, while CBD has no psychoactive properties and is not addictive. It was while researching THC’s addictive properties during the 1990s that scientists discovered endocannabinoid receptor system, mapped like delicate spiderwebs through the body. When triggered by a compound such as CBD, these receptors fire up to impact numerous body functions, including sleep, mood, memory, appetite and pain sensation amongst others. “It’s about restoring balance,” Lane clarifies. “Something so desperately needed in our world now.”

While research on the functionality of CBD is ongoing, it is primarily focused on homeostasis and maintaining optimum functionality in the body. “Plant-based CBD, as a mimic for internally produced endocannabinoids, undoubtedly has an effect on our bodies by activating and suppressing messaging in the neurological system,” explains Tim Inskip, founder of CBPLUS in the UK. 

“As a messaging component, CBD could have many different effects on humans depending on individual situations,” he adds. “We use CBD isolate, as the cannabinoid CBD is overwhelmingly proven to be the functional bio-active element, not the random mix of cannabinoids that make up so-called full spectrum oil (effectively cannabis plant extract) which is dubious in functionality and very unreliable in terms of chemical content, pollutants and therefore legality.”

Inskip sources his CBD isolate in Canada and guarantees purity and zero THC (as will other reputable supplies). His CBD oil contains 1500mg of CBD in 10ml of hemp seed oil, which is relatively strong, but in Inskip’s view offers better value, with the recommended dosage of one to two drops, taken twice daily.

Daniel Zemmour is founder of Molecule, London’s specialist CBD and wellness boutique in Westbourne Grove. Quality is top of his agenda, advising customers to ensure that ingredients in their chosen product are organic and that the products are appropriately tested. “A lot of CBD tends to be mislabelled and can potentially contain harsh chemicals that could have an adverse effect on the results you are looking to achieve. We always recommend that you choose high quality products which are triple batch tested, or at the very minimum tested twice in different labs.” To this end, they offer online consultations and a pioneering algorithmic technology platform – The Molecule Navigator, for CBD prescriptions.

One of the main causes of widespread confusion in our burgeoning CBD-infused lifestyle is that as we are all different, optimal dosage will depend on body weight, stress levels, activity levels, medication and much more. Lane believes that micro dosing is the best way to use CBD oil. “A little, just enough to fire up your own beautiful endocannabinoid system, tends to consistently show the best results. This is not like popping a pill, it is a process, like everything in nature and you need to give yourself a season (about three to four months) when trying something new.” Zemmour concurs: “Micro-dosing (or Titration) takes little steps over time, allowing you to experiment with your dosage, without pushing yourself too far in one direction.”

Many professional sports stars are on board too. The physical and mental challenges that are part of life as a professional rugby player can be daunting and Ireland international Ian Madigan has been taking CBD for two years now to improve sleep and reduce performance anxiety. “Natural solutions like CBD became a game changer for me as they helped reduce inflammation in my body, improved my concentration and focus and aided muscle recovery after a game.” Madigan isn’t alone, as many of his team mates are CBD fans too, as is his opposition, including England’s World Cup-winning rugby player Mike Tindall MBE. He takes Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD, the brainchild of Chanelle McCoy Health, the first CBD food supplement in the UK and Ireland to use FDA registered raw material and be clinically proven to be safe.

“Pureis completely changed my sleep patterns,” Tindall adds. “The quality and length of sleep went up. I also noticed a small but significant improvement of my daily pain, which is always a positive!” Founded by Chanelle Lady McCoy (formally of Chanelle Pharma in Galway) and Caroline Glynn, Pureis® is manufactured in the UK. “We are both busy, working mothers; we understand the chaos everyday life can bring, especially during these unprecedented times,” McCoy explains. Pureis® Advanced Absorption Capsules and Fast Absorbing Oils are available in two strengths: a daily intake of 10mg and 20mg.

So taken was Madigan with the benefits he experienced with CBD that, along with his partner Anna Kirwan, they created the Feel Free CBD family in 2020.

The Feel Free CBD Starter Pack Day and Night 5% is ideal for those starting out, slowly progressing to the higher strength Advanced Day and Night (10%), especially suited to those struggling with anxiety, pain and insomnia. “When taking CBD for anxiety, it is more about helping you ‘even-out,’ rather than altering the state of your body,” he clarifies. “The dosage chosen is a personal thing. It’s about feeling it out yourself and finding your sweet spot.”

CBD is fast becoming mainstream now for helping people find some form of internal calm, midst the current global chaos. “We are seeing some amazing results, with no recorded side effects,” Inskip adds. “Try it, what have you got to lose?”


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