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Talking Beauty: Shiseido’s J Beauty Essential Energy Range

The Essential Energy range by Shiseido offers a daily route to glowing skin, from cleansing to hydrating and then perfecting …

A Japanese Beauty routine has long been the gold standard. And Shiseido, first founded 150 years ago, have been at the forefront in J Beauty for over a century. To celebrate new arrivals to their Essential Energy range, we made a short video, in partnership with Shiseido, to highlight the new launches, and to talk through a daily J Beauty routine. There’s lots of choice, but it’s simple: there are three steps to a glowing, healthy and radiant complexion. The Essential Energy range offers a daily route to glowing skin, from cleansing to hydrating and then perfecting.

Watch the video below and over on Instagram, @theglossmag.

The Essential Selection

1 CLEANSE Start with the Instant Eye & Lip Make-up Remover – a gently effective way to remove even the most stubborn mascara – and wake up your face with the fresh, jasmine-scented Refreshing Cleansing Water. For a deep-down clean, there’s the Foaming Cleanser: try using it with the Cleansing Massage Brush for an extra-thorough session – you’ll feel like you’ve had a facial.

2 HYDRATE & DEFEND Once skin is clean, move on to the Hydrate & Defend part of your skincare ritual. New Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum, Shiseido’s cult hero product, should be the first step of any daily routine. Think of it as your skin’s own self-defence – this serum is now even stronger, powered by eight botanical ingredients to help boost your skin’s own defences and encourage more radiant, more resilient skin.

Team Ultimune with your new staple in a daily skincare routine: Shiseido Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream. It does several things in one pot. First, it gives your skin an optimal hit of hydration – that’s down to the new Hyaluronic Acid RED technology, made up of three hyaluronic acids to really pack in the moisture and to encourage the skin’s own production of hydration, too. It’s a hard-working essential as well as a daily treat – the luxurious texture makes it a pleasure to apply every day

Need to know There are two versions of the new daily moisturiser: Shiseido Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream with SPF20 for daytime, to protect your skin from UVA rays; and a Day Cream without sun protection if you prefer to use a separate SPF. Both are €59, with refills at €53. And even better, the pots are refillable, thus saving more than 80 per cent of plastic compared to the previous packaging. Simply remove the inner pot and replace.

3 PERFECT COMPLEXION Your final step in creating a flawless complexion. Combine Synchro Skin make-up expertise – from the Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation (€49) to the Self-Refreshing Concealer (€34) – with Shiseido’s expert brushes (from €30). Our pick is the neat mini concealer brush (€30); it’s perfect for targeted coverage, so you only use a tiny amount of product where you need it. Less waste, and a better finish.

Available at Arnotts, and pharmacies nationwide.



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