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See Inside Susie Lynch-Barrett’s Eclectic Wardrobe Filled With Zesty Colours And Joyful Prints

Style savant Susie Lynch-Barrett’s wardrobe is both eclectic and considered. Known for her trademark style – which spans from an airy Cecilie Bahnsen dress to a sleek 70s trouser suit – the Dublin-based mum-of-four shares the tales behind her best-loved buys …

Tales From My Wardrobe, a new style series that explores the wardrobes of THE GLOSS community, is a love letter to the pieces we reach for again and again, the hard-earned investment purchases that make us smile with each wear and the items that supercede mere ‘clothing’ to carry memories and foster emotional connection.

We flagged Susie Lynch Barrett as our get-dressed inspiration before (read this), so naturally we were curious to take a look inside the Dublin-based mum-of-four’s wardrobe. It doesn’t disappoint, either. Lynch-Barrett’s look is both eclectic and curated: with an eye for a jaunty colour or a conversational print, she’s not afraid to express her unique view through the lens of fashion.

Gathering inspiration from both her travels and a love of indigenous designers, her wardrobe is a delicate mish-mash of ideas and – importantly – she looks like she’s having fun as she wears each piece. Here, Lynch-Barrett shares the dress she owns that has the most sentimental value as well as the most ‘unfashionable’ item she’s never afraid to wear …


Lynch-Barrett wears a dress by Emilia Wickstead, with a green roses motif, from Havana.

My favourite piece in my wardrobe is a green velvet trouser suit from Zara. It has such a seventies vibe to it. I either wear it with a T-shirt or a colourful open-neck silk shirt with plenty of gold jewellery. When I put it on, I know I should wear heels but, inevitably, I end up wearing runners.

The most sentimental piece I own is a beautiful Helen Cody dress. I saw it at one of her fashion shows and instantly knew I had to have it. It was the dress I wore to my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. That was over ten years ago – and they are still both so happy and kind to each other.

My most recent purchase is an Emilia Wickstead dress from Havana. It’s got the brand’s signature green roses motif and a midi-length. Wickstead’s dresses are so feminine – I always feel so good in her clothes.


Lynch-Barrett purchased the vintage-inspired rose gown by Helen Cody for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. 

The pieces that are the best value in my wardrobe are probably all from Zara. Every year I usually buy some summer dresses and skirts for my holidays from the high street. 

The most expensive item in my wardrobe is a Dolce & Gabbana dress. It’s strapless with a painterly floral print with shots of brown and red. It’s made from silk, so it has a really glamorous feel to it whenever I put it on. I have worn it so many times at this point and I believe it will likely be worn by my daughters in the future: they’re already eying it up! 

I tend to get really good wear out of all my clothes and in particular there are two Simone Rocha skirts that I wear on rotation. I bought them a few years ago: one in black and the other in white. I wear them every summer with a black or cream cardigan.


Lynch-Barrett cherishes a silk Dolce & Gabbana dress.


A satin-look Emilia Wickstead coat in chartreuse is layered with a floral dress by Cecilie Bahnsen and a red Zara bag. 

Every time I go away I make sure to check out local markets and shops. I went to Madrid last summer and nabbed some quirky bags and accessories. 

No matter how unfashionable tracksuit bottoms are, I always wear them. How do I style them? I probably pair them with a shirt or jumper rather than a full tracksuit. 

I rarely leave the house without earrings. I have so many piercings in my ears, and my nose, and so I usually wear about ten different pieces. It’s gotten to the point where I feel a little bare without them.


A taffeta Kika Vargas dress in lipstick pink is paired with co-ordinating Valentino Roman Stud ballet flats. 

I’m always coveting a jumper by Irish designer Colin Burke (see above) – his pieces are so gorgeous. Right now, I’m eying up his grey cotton jumper that’s currently stocked at Havana. Every piece is handmade, the craftsmanship is so detailed. 

I started making my own jewellery a few years ago. So I’ll usually accessorise my outfit with one of my own pieces everyday. It depends on my mood: I may wear a velvet choker on my wrist with some gold bangles or a piece on my ankle if I’m wearing brogues.

My talented friend Gwen McNulty launched her own collection Geito by Gwen McNulty last year. She has such style and great taste in everything she does and her pieces reflect that. I wear her dress and cape with such pride and get so many compliments every time I do.


A dress and cape from the Geito by Gwen McNulty range sits with a satin crossbody bag by Irish label August Night.

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