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Native Cabins West Cork

This Sustainable Cabin Retreat Should Be Top Of Your Staycation Wishlist

The first Native Cabins resort will open in West Cork this summer, with bookings opening in May …

Expect to hear much about Native, an Irish company co-founded by Didi and Simon Ronan, who have combined professional experience in sustainable development and landscape architecture. Native’s ethos is firmly rooted in the principles of biophilia: Spending time in nature improves health and wellbeing.

Native Cabins West Cork

Co-founders of Native: Simon and Didi Ronan

“Our motto is ‘you stay in cabins, we plant native trees’ because your holiday is an opportunity to protect and replenish the environment. We want to bring people out into nature to reconnect, but also build a high-quality beautiful Irish brand that challenges conventional hospitality models and positively addresses the climate crisis,” says Simon who has designed luxury resorts in Malta, Maldives and Mallorca. “We want to be the Patagonia of hospitality!”

Native Cabins West Cork

Native was a finalist in the Design and Crafts Council Business Design Challenge 2021. The first Native Cabins resort will open in West Cork this summer with five high-spec, ultra-sustainable cabins made with local timber and natural materials (including wood fibre, hemp insulation, natural lime render and local Douglas fir cladding). “Native is about more than just staying in a nice cabin or offsetting your carbon footprint, it’s about connecting with nature in a meaningful way, and giving people the option of a holiday with a positive environmental impact,” explains Simon.

Native Cabins West Cork

Guests will be offered immersive nature experiences and adventures hosted by local guides – night kayaking, bushcraft, wildlife trekking, foraging, open-fire cooking, artisan fish smoking and pickling – as well as wellness activities. Didi explains, “Our wellness activities will include nature trails, forest bathing, guided sea swimming, meditation, seaweed baths and posture workshops among other therapies. Both Simon and I firmly believe in mixing the scientific with the sensorial.” 

Native Cabins West Cork

“We are also implementing a rewilding programme [The Native Environmental Programme] to plant native trees and foster biodiversity.” Bookings for Native will open in May, with the cost of the one-bedroom self-catering cabins from €250 per night (breakfast is also available). Native promises to be both recuperative and inspiring;


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