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Summer’s Most Indulgent Sleepwear Brands Can Be Worn By Mothers And Daughters

There’s less guilt to indulgent summer sleepwear if your mini-me gets to match too. We’ve rounded up the best luxury pyjamas loved by mothers and daughters …

Main image: Instagram @yolkegirl.

Siân Esther London

Who: Frustrated by the lack of affordable but luxurious sleepwear brands, former Selfridges buyer Siân Adkins created a sleepwear brand that gives back. Adkins, who wants the range to feel “like a beautiful hug” partnered with social enterprise The Luminary Bakery so that £3 from each purchase covers the resources needed for a disadvantaged woman in London to train and build a career.

Shop: The mum and mini-me scallop-edge sets are as stylish as they are novel. For kids, sizes range from 18-24 months to 8-9 years.

Hesper fox


Dietrich pink wave silk pyjama set, €379.95;

Who: Australian-born, England-based Hesper Fox, maker of luxury pyjamas and loungewear in cotton, silk and linen.

Shop: For adults, silk sleepwear inspired by 1930s decor. Think: lipstick reds and Art Deco waves. For children, old-world style pyjamas with darling embroidery; sizes range from 1-2 through to 6-7 years.


Mini Aubrey kids linen pyjamas set, €73.95;


Who: Yolke, the ultra-feminine brand that’s heavy on British charm. 

Shop: For adults, there’s delectable silks and crisp cotton sleepwear sets, as well as luxe-printed dressing gowns, and cotton sleep masks.  For kids, there’s delicate, meadow-print pyjama sets, see below, €57.95. Sizes range from 1-2 years through to 11-12 years. 



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