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1 month ago

Social Insecurities: Embracing Your Summer Extrovert

The daily anxieties of modern life …

Time to throw off your base layer of long-sleeved thermal. Like Linus, from Peanuts, and his comfort blanket, you feel anxious.
Showing a little skin feels like a holiday, even if you’re not actually going on one. You decide that the bit of skin is your ankles, so start covering your winter pallor with Beauti Edit self tan.
In your wardrobe, nothing reflects the post-pandemic you. The tiered, frilled maxi is more Gypsy Rose Lee than boho beauty, last year’s jumpsuit now too Bob the Builder.
You interrogate how you want to look: dramatic versus sophisticated; bright and colourful versus cool and simple; lots of jewellery or plain and uncluttered?
Embracing colour, you order new Bretons in different coloured stripes. Not quite extrovert, at least they get you away from tatty tees.
You decide a gingham dress à la Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez is a must. Is a French fishing basket too eccentric?
A new cossie is a must. Apparently ribbed swimsuits stretch and grow to meet your body. You order a neon pink Hunza G and hope the stretching part comes with a guarantee.
You’ve heard 1990s lace-trimmed camisoles are making a comeback. Decide to pair your vintage camis with patterned “cocktail trousers” and fun trainers, rather than heels.
Feel very royal – your new rattan purse bag only has space for a lipstick, credit card and hand wipes – until your other half asks why you’re going out with your make-up bag?
Surveying your shopping spoils, it all seems too tame. Time for jazz hands: painting nails in different sorbet shades will be your summer style signature.


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